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    Gary#5 "Houston...We Have A Hottie!"

    You're so right! Sid's glasses rock! :lol:
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    I love Dexter! Season 2 was amazing.
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    The Big Bang Theory

    I love this show! Sheldon is love. <3
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    You Know You Watch Too Much CSI: NY When... [#2]

    You know you watch too much CSI: NY when you tell your friend that you're watching TV and she replies with "CSI:NY?" :lol:
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    Gary#5 "Houston...We Have A Hottie!"

    Wow, he's lookin' good! ;) haha.
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    Sid Hammerback - The coroner with the coolest glasses.

    Haaahaa, yeah. I loved when he was talking about threesomes to Hawkes and he just looked so awkward! ahah. :lol:
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    CSI Trading/Sketch Cards

    Awesome! I have Anna Belknap's sig (Lindsay Monroe) and I've just sent off for a sketch card... it says SK1, does anyone know if you get a specific card or is it just random now? I know that I'm late sending them's just I bought a box late this year and I totally forgot to send off the...
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    Eddie Cahill #5: Charismatic Brilliance

    Ahh! Lovely pictures! :) I love his eyes <3
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    Locker Room #18: Danny/Carmine: Welcome to the Insane Asylum!

    His hair looks sooo amazing here! :D I love it.
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    The Naughty Picture Thread-Ny Style!

    Danny: Wowzah! Flack has a really good ass in those jeans, I'm amazed... Hubbah hubbah! Sheldon: *drools* .. Uh, what did you say, Danny? Sorry, I lost my trail of thought.
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    win a trip to watch a live filming of csi ny?

    Yeah, it's not working for me. :(
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    CSI Magazine

    Wow, that's so cool! Congrats! :D
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    CSI Magazine

    Mine came last Friday for me =D I enjoyed reading it. I loved the A.J. interview...actually, they were all fantastic! :]
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    Joy and Buckley: Now Official Stars

    I agree. Once again, I apologise for this. I usually just buy the DVDs rather than watching it on TV, anyway but I've only just noticed some people can watch TV online (I sound so stupid, but I'm not a computer person! LOL) I don't really understand what is legal and what is not. Ah well, I...
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    Joy and Buckley: Now Official Stars

    Oops, I'm sorry! I thought there may be a website where I could watch it legally. I heard it was airing in Jan in the UK, so I guess I'll watch it then or wait for it to come out on DVD. I didn't see some episodes in season 4 so I'm glad my 2nd part will be arriving to me next month!
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    Your top 5 favorite shows!!!

    1. CSI:NY 2. Blood Ties 3. Friends 4. 8 Simple Rules 5. The Big Bang Theory
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    Joy and Buckley: Now Official Stars

    I seriously want to watch the 1st episode of season 5, but I live in the UK. Anyone know where I can watch it online? Ahhh, this is SO good! I'm so happy for them. I love Adam and Sid! They make me giggle so much. ^___^
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    Sid Hammerback - The coroner with the coolest glasses.

    Hammer(back) Time! lol. I seriously love his glasses. I know them as 'Sid glasses' haahaa! :lol: He's so funny, I'm glad to hear he's a regular on the show now!
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    Anna/Lindsay #5: She Rocks!

    Aw! Thanks so much, Brinchen! :D Oh and Lindsay's hair is so gorgeous right now! I love it!
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    Gary#5 "Houston...We Have A Hottie!"

    Yeah, Sheldon then tells him that he made the right decision. It was a very good scene, I agree ! :)