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    Flack/Angell #1 - This Is How Sexy Looks

    Oh my gosh! I totally remember posting that! Wow! That was a while ago! This is my first time posting on this website! I've been going here for a while though. I was just reading along and I saw my name and I was like 'OMG! That's me!' Totally crazy!
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    Danny/Lindsay #21: The future’s in the bag!

    Hey Dutch, I'm new here sort of and I'm really scared about the preview for next week, I honestly think it's Danny and Rikki. Please tell me it's not:( Give me whatever spoilers you have please:thumbsup:
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    CSI:NY Season 4 Spoilers: Hot Off The Press!

    If Flack is wearing an under shirt I will cry.Go back to the first page to understand what I'm talking about.