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    Grade "Communication Breakdown"

    Commentary typed as I watch, as per normal. Totally didn’t start typing this until the opening scene was over. But dude, Angell speaks French. Cool. Ohai Adam. And Hawkes. Aw, Adam looks so excited about getting to run a simulation. Heehee. Bang. …conveniently...
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    Grade 'No Good Deed'

    In the manner of Fay, commentary typed as I watch. Hey look, it's continuity. Stella muttering in Greek = awesome. Eyeball! Eyeball-less person! EW. ...That would be Danny reading comic books to his unborn child. Adam's bird imitation is silly. And highly entertaining. Adam says "We'll...
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    Sid Hammerback - The coroner with the coolest glasses.

    I think he may actually have been divorced more than once. I remember him making a comment, though I can't recall which episode, about getting very drunk while celebrating his first divorce...which indicates to me that he's been divorced more than once. Also, Sid is awesome.
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    Grade 'Rush to Judgment'

    Again, in the manner of the lovely Faylinn, commentary. Dizzying opening shot. Okay then. Ouch. “That’s my desk!” Oh Angell. Oh Flack. : ( Ew. The kid puked on himself. Poor agitated Flack. Snowboarding. It’s apparently finally winter in CSI:NY-land...
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    Grade 'Help'

    In the manner of Fay, typed as I watch. Forgive the random, for I am le tired. …music that isn’t shit, what? That is a LOT of shrieking women. Ohnoes. Dead lady. Hee. Flack is holding a bunny ears headband. That chick looks freaking familiar. Oh Stella, why...
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    Flack #9: An Officer and a Gentleman

    "He was shot from a tree. He fell off his horse and shot himself. One lady said aliens came down. This city's full of nuts." Episode 1x09 "Officer Blue" In other news, awesome pics, Zhu! I've been admiring your banner/manip things from afar for a while now. Where do you find most of your...
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    Locker Room #18: Danny/Carmine: Welcome to the Insane Asylum!

    I just did the same thing today, actually. Don't care about baseball movies at all, but really, how could I say no to watching something with Carmine in it? Especially the baseball pants. :D Did homework through most of the rest of it, but was glued to the set for all of his scenes. He...
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    Danny/Flack #7: Flack Makes It His Business

    Hm, I hadn't thought about it that way. I was thinking more along the lines of Flack being all protective, wanting to make sure Danny doesn't get cold (or even slightly chilly for that matter; it can't have been very cold out, Flack wasn't wearing a coat when they went to the playground, was...
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    Danny/Flack #7: Flack Makes It His Business

    Swingset scene? Cutest DF scene ever! And here's my take on the part where Flack has Danny's jacket... Flack says: "Let's go talk to him." Flack means: "Danny, if you keep leaving your clothes at my place and makin' me bring them to you, people are gonna start getting suspicious. Now put that...
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    Danny/Flack song thread: Even They Listen

    Hope it's not horrible of me to revive this thread after nobody's posted for months...but I just heard this song on tv and thought the lyrics were pretty perfect, check it out: Blue Eyes by Cary Brothers Wish enough, wise man'll tell you a lie Window broke, torn up screens Who'd have thought...