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  1. Khanada

    Laurence/Raymond: Man of Mystery

    Could be after S/11, but it's in pre-production now. I'll know more shortly as details get finalized. I do know it's a closed set but some of us workers will get visitation. They're filming in Hong Kong, Chicago ('burbs, where I am) and LA. Believe me, I'd love to shake the man's hand; I think...
  2. Khanada

    Laurence/Raymond: Man of Mystery

    This isn't about Ray but it IS about Laurence and I thought I should post it because, well, I'm excited about it. They're making a movie in the building where I worked (we moved sites) and Laurence is one of the actors. Movie is called Contagion and it's due out in Oct. 2011. As soon as I saw...
  3. Khanada

    Grade 'Sanguine Love'

    I usually just grade the ep and don't comment, but since we are pretty sure Carmine peeks on the boards, I'm gonna give my two cents. Overall, I really enjoyed it. It's a single episode case, which we often complain we don't get enough of. The victim's background is explored and we can connect...
  4. Khanada

    Grade 'Criminal Justice'

    I have a message for Danny: They make these things called "locks" and they fit on the outside of those places where you put all your clothes and valuables. They're really inexpensive and come in both combination and key style. Seriously, dude... your badge??? I sense a disturbance in the...
  5. Khanada

    You Know You Watch Too Much CSI: NY When... [#2]

    ... when you call in sick to work for the season premiere.
  6. Khanada

    CSI:NY Season 6 Spoiler Discussion - Start Spreading the News!

    Well, since Season 9 of CSI is in my hands (not literally; I need them to type) Special features include: Crime Scene Initiation, CSI Mode, Rats in Space, From Zero to 200 in Nine Seasons, Good-bye Grissom, Deleted Scenes and Audio Commentaries on 2 Episodes - 9.16 Turn, Turn, Turn and 9.20 A...
  7. Khanada

    Grade 'Rush to Judgment'

    I'm not sure which is scarier: Danny with a chainsaw.... ...OR the fact that I have that very same chainsaw. And I got it for Christmas last year! (and no, it wasn't wrapped in blue paper). And my only gripe about the saw part of the ep? The saw has a maximum cut radius of 9 inches. Now I...
  8. Khanada

    Holiday Card Exchange

    (to the tune of Santa Claus is coming to town) I printed my list Checked it twice I have no clue who's naughty or nice My Christmas cards went out last night
  9. Khanada

    Holiday Card Exchange

    Did it last year and it was a blast. I'm in!
  10. Khanada

    Danny/Flack #7: Flack Makes It His Business

    Flack calling Danny "Danno" and maybe buying him his favorite wine (beer) just might keep him off the sofa after laughing at Staten Island. He should know by now that certain NY'ers are very protective of their boroughs.
  11. Khanada

    Grade 'My Name is Mac Taylor'

    I usually just throw my grading in and don't post because y'all do such a wonderful job of things, but because it's the 100th ep and because of something someone said and because I have that kinda TIME on my hands... when I watched the episode, I sat there with a pencil and paper and made a...
  12. Khanada

    Adam/AJ #2: The X-Factor - Must. Fight. Crime!

    Why be embarrassed? We call 'em like we see 'em! And AJ's a hottie! Done deal!
  13. Khanada

    CSI:NY Season 4 Spoilers--Get 'Em In A New York Minute

    You want to be teased? I just looked at the pic on the last page and you can see part of his tattoo. How's that for a teaser? Quote from the mag: "Peter Lenkov told me to check out CSI Files online and look at the Adam thread. I was flattered - I could not believe all these people had created...
  14. Khanada

    CSI:NY Season 4 Spoilers--Get 'Em In A New York Minute

    Adam's on the "Last Word" and apparently he'll have more in issue 6. If you're searching, check Borders or Barnes & Noble online.
  15. Khanada

    CSI:NY Season 4 Spoilers--Get 'Em In A New York Minute

    I'm not sure if it's been out or where I should mention this, but for people wanting info and having access to magazines, I just got issue #3 of CSI magazine and NY is featured. Articles include Mac, Sheldon, Adam, Danny and Lindsay. Worth checking out.
  16. Khanada

    NY Crimelab Shifts

    That is a really good question because some of them (Stella comes to mind) have been on-call also. They may get to select shifts as long as it's covered and take call for overload. I have to wonder if they generally work by district and cover other areas if the other area is busy. Call pay is a...
  17. Khanada

    What the Writers' Strike Means to CSI: NY

    Yeah, but if we put them in a room with a bunch of hookers, they'd be happy but wouldn't get anything settled. They'd be too busy being happy. :lol:
  18. Khanada

    Gary #4....Soooooo Nibble Worthy

    With all the work Gary's done for the military/USO, I wasn't exactly surprised to hear what I swore was Gary's voice doing the Go Army commercials on television. Can anyone confirm that it IS indeed him doing the speaking for their newest ads?
  19. Khanada

    Grade 'Child's Play'

    I noticed that too. It seems to me like she's wanting to announce the fact that they're together and he's more wanting to keep work at work and pleasure off the clock... which is really how it should be. IMHO
  20. Khanada

    Qustions on "Season 1, Episode 21: On the Job "

    Welcome to the boards. Let's see what I can do for you to help and I'll try to keep the American simple. Danny chased the suspect into the subway. The man - Minhaus - identified himself as a cop but Danny didn't hear him. The subway was too noisy for him to hear. The recorder was closer to the...