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    Who is your fav cath/sara/sofie? Take the poll!!

    Re: who is youe fav cath/sara/sofie? take the poll i vote for sara cause well she reminds me of myself in a way my second choice would be catherine and for sofia meh
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    How old are most CSI fans?

    i started watching it when i was 14, it was on a friday in febuary and i was really board so i saw it and decided to watch it and got hooked all threw the next week after that i watched all the episodes untill they were finished. i didn't know there was new ones on thursday though but now i do...
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    Trivia Game #2

    correct your turn
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    Trivia Game #2

    okay i'm going to post a question now it will be an easy one can't think of hard ones anyways in which episode was there a dog who attacked a girl and why?
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    season 7 thoughts?

    what do you think of the season 7 episodes? i think they are good i espically love toe tags but i thought fannysmakin was sick and i would so punch those guys who beated up greg!
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    Trivia Game #2

    are we going to continue or is there a questions out already?
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    CSI season 6 DVD No 14th Greg off cover????

    he deserves to be on the cover
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    Thank God for CSI

    awwww hope you feel better soon *hugs* yep csi is the saviour! whenever i feel crummy or frustrated i always watch csi and it makes me feel better like that *snaps fingers* it is the best medicine
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    Welcome To The LV Forum, Please Introduce Yourself!

    *writes it doen on calander* thanks whew good thing i still have time
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    Welcome To The LV Forum, Please Introduce Yourself!

    *bows* thank you by the way anybody knowing when season.7 is starting and on what channel?
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    do you prefer greg as a lab technician or a CSI?

    erm i'm very stuck so i would have to say both. greg was great in the lab so funny but he didn't want to be in there anymore he wanted something challenging. i do like the new greg too he matured and is happy to be working in the feild now. we all have to accept it and move on greg isn't going...
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    Welcome To The LV Forum, Please Introduce Yourself!

    oh and i'm 14 years old who lives in canada i love to watch csi on spike and other channels they come on i'm a big fan of greg sanders (and i think he's so cute :D) so sorry he's mine! lol oh and i'm also a big fan of grissom he's the best!
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    If Grissom Leaves After 2007 **NO Spoilers**

    Re: GRISSOM LEAVING AFTER 2007 i agree grissom is the one who carries the show and no one can take his place even though there are lots of good actors nobody can take place of my grissom! :)
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    P2 - You Know You've Watched To Much CSI When..

    Re: You Know You've Watched To Much CSI When.. when you think about dry ice you think about it exploding in the toilet, your dusting and you find a credit card and decide to use but then your like nah the csi's will find out
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    "Leggo Our Greggo!" - Eric/Greg Discussion Thread Pt. 8

    omg! greg/eric is so hot! *drools* oops did i do that
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    Welcome To The LV Forum, Please Introduce Yourself!

    hey i'am new here my name is nicole i'm glad to be on this board cause i love csi so much