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  1. owlki

    CSI: NY Spoilers--Just The Facts, Ma'am!

    Welcome JoJo222! As this is your very first post, I'd like to point that this thread is just for new spoilers, without discussion. You can ask and discuss things in the CSI: NY Season 4 Spoilers! Discussion in the Big Apple thread. I tested the link and it's working fine but needs a bit of...
  2. owlki

    CSI: NY Season 4 Spoilers! Discussion in the Big Apple

    Oh my God! They heard my prayers and changed that scene from "I don't know if I can stand to watch it" to "what an awesome scene"!!! I can't believe in it! Now I'm really looking forward to watching this episode! Danny and Flack scenes always make me happy!
  3. owlki

    CSI: NY Picture Thread #4: Ready for Your Close Up?

    Season 4 is still ongoing. It goes until 4.21, so there are more episodes yet to delight us.
  4. owlki

    What should happen to Gerrard?

    Unfortunately, I think he'll lose his job and do time... what is really a pity because he is a wonderful character (that kind that we love to hate but, even then, draws our sympathy). I know I shouldn't condone what he did but I couldn't help thinking in the end of the episode "Too bad he...
  5. owlki

    You Know You Watch Too Much CSINY When...

    Guilty as charged! How sad is that? I really gotta get a life... - When you pass up going to an amusement park to stay at home writing fanfiction, posting in Talk CSI and watching old episodes of CSI:NY... and stills think you made the right decision...
  6. owlki

    Why Lindsay Must Go (Part 3)

    I'm not a mod or anything so sorry if I shouldn't be saying this but... Girls (or guys, I don't know), chill out a bit. I know it's a subject that stirs emotions but posts are getting a bit aggressive, people are feeling insulted by each other. I don't think this is the way it should be...
  7. owlki

    The Warm Welcome Thread

    Jeez, a lot of newbies! Yay! [...throws confetti...] Welcome to you all!
  8. owlki

    CSI: NY Season 4 Spoilers! Discussion in the Big Apple

    Oh, jeez, that's gold! I almost peed in my pants! :guffaw::guffaw::guffaw:
  9. owlki

    Grade 'Admissions'

    Oh, you heard me! I didn't think I had squealed so loud! :p :lol:
  10. owlki

    Grade 'Admissions'

    I gave it an A. It wasn't A+ just because Danny was barely there... But what a storyline! It had loads of turns and kept me wondering till the end. I was also very impressed by the little jokes to show how well they interact with each other. It was heartwarming.
  11. owlki

    Old Styles

    I miss S1 so much! I loved the blue filter and the grittiness of the show. I started watching LV and NY (never cared for Miami) around 2005 if I'm not mistaken, while I was living in UK. I remember that, back in the day, I'd identify the CSIs by color, not being familiar with the characters yet...
  12. owlki

    Updated CSI Merchandise List

    CBS Store ( now has such cool merchandise for the CSI franchise! It goes from personalized dog tags to iPods, passing through apparel and even Rubik's Cube! I so loved the 'Dead Fred Pen Holder' and 'Splat Stan Drink Coaster'! And, best of all, looks like now they ship...
  13. owlki

    CSI: NY Picture Thread #4: Ready for Your Close Up?

    vegaslights, you're awesome! Thanks for these pics! And about Quinn's pic, I so wished it was Lindsay 'cause that would mean she'd been transferred to New Jersey!
  14. owlki

    CSI: NY Picture Thread #4: Ready for Your Close Up?

    vegaslights, you are guilty of almost giving me a heart attack with those Danny pics! Thank you!!
  15. owlki

    CSI: NY Picture Thread #4: Ready for Your Close Up?

    Thank you, vegaslights! Season finale looks pretty exciting! Flack and Stella looks gorgeous in those pictures and... although I don't like Lindsay, I feel for her... Her hairdresser is in a mission to destroy her hair, it looks more and more like a wig! [shudders] I miss Danny and Hawkes in...
  16. owlki

    A Fond Farewell From Mrs. G

    Well, MrsG, I'm not sad to see you go because you're not going anywhere! And thanks God for that as you would be greatly missed! I, like many others, have only known the moderator MrsG. I'm looking forward to knowing this dark side of yours. Taking into account the demonstration above, I'd say...
  17. owlki

    Carmine-What is Cessau?

    I wish I could've listened to Carmine's advices but it'd be like 2 till 4 am... And I start working at 8am... shame...
  18. owlki

    CSI: NY Season 4 Spoilers! Discussion in the Big Apple

    Reading Ausiello's spoiler, I'm wondering if it will be my first disappointment in a season finale... Usually, they're good but maybe I should fetch a bucket, just in case... And I'm loving the season 5 spoilers about Flack! Finally more information about him!
  19. owlki

    CSI: NY Spoilers--Just The Facts, Ma'am!

    Well, I thought I'd post this, despite not being really new, it's official. Wednesday, May 21 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) CSI: NY-Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) enters his most dangerous crime scene ever: an active one. When a heist goes bad and a bank manager is shot dead, a frantic gunman takes the...
  20. owlki

    *New* How old are all CSI fans?

    2.9... going 3.0 in december... jeez... I'm getting old...