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    Flack #10: Don Flack Bleeds Blue

    Thanks for the stills :). I can't wait to see if Samantha is working for the NYPD.
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    Dear CSI: NY writers... (suggestions for Season 9)

    I would like to see Samantha Flack :); I want to know if she took the job with the NYPD media relations (I think she did). If I'm correct, I'd like to see an episode where she helps her brother and the rest of the team solve a case, maybe getting her in danger along the way.
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    Season 8 Spoiler Discussion #2 - Spoiler Scene: Do Not Cross

    You know what would be great if we do get season 9? To have Samantha come back, now that she works for the NYPD's Media Relations office; I really want to see how is she doing. I would like to see an episode where she gets involved in a crime (as a witness), or an episode where she can help his...
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    Best New York Season

    Season 5 was my favorite :bolian:. The episodes were very good, and given the fact that Flack is my favorite, I love that his character had a lot of development during that season. We met his sister Samantha, and his relationship with Angell blossomed, until the tragic end :(. Season 3 is my...
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    Grade 'The Ripple Effect'

    I really liked this episode; much better than last week. So Sid got 27 million for his pillow patent? wow, when I saw him all nervous the first thing I thought was a family crisis, or some other personal problem; it never cross my mind that it was going to be something really good!! go Sid...
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    The Warm Welcome Thread #3

    Hello Rena! and thanks for the welcome Faylinn :)
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    The Warm Welcome Thread #3

    Hello everybody! I've been a fan of CSI-NY since last September. I'm also a big Bones fan, but since the show had been on hiatus for a lot of months, and it wasn't going to return until November, I decided to give an opportunity to a different show. I watched a couple of episodes from season...
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    Favorite CSI NY Quotes

    From "One Wedding and a Funeral" Flack (to Hawkes): So the neighbors were very helpful. They saw nothing, heard nothing and know nothing. Welcome to my life.