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    What do you think of season 7 so far?

    Season 7? Meh.... Tried to watch it. The first episodes were more or less okay, one was very good (I think it was "Unfriendly Chat" - the only one I gave A+ this season), but the more the season advances the worse it becomes. The last three or four episodes were so bad, I did not even want to...
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    Who is your least favorite character?

    Re: Who is your most unfavorite character? The worst one by far is Jo. She does not fit neither with the others nor with the show. Her character is just an egoistic know-it-all irksome show-off. Don't know whether it's her acting or it's been written like that. The second one is Hawkes - for...
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    Grade 'The 34th Floor'

    Mm-daaa…. :scream: BYOB? …Laughing and joking over the body of a young girl was really bad taste. :shifty: Did you notice that in the 6 past years even when somebody inserted a snarky phrase in a dialog while examining a crime scene, he was never laughing? So it was okay – you could feel the...
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    Melina Kanakaredes Leaves CSI: NY

    :thumbsup: Oh, THAT would be nice - I just can imagine all the spectrum of emotions GS could express. It could be great and it would be a real challenge even for him without Stella being there and without any additional scenes together, but he surely can do this! :drool: Unfortunately, I don't...
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    Melina Kanakaredes Leaves CSI: NY

    What. the. f.... :wtf: CSI:NY without Stella? :scream::klingon::( No way! I got hooked on this show mainly because of the characters, because of Mac/Stella friendship and chemistry, snarky Flack's remarks, because of the special CSI:NY family feeling and the great interactions between all...
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    Mac Taylor's Love Life *SPOILERS*

    You have to go to the ship subforum and open a new thread! :lol::lol: That's just it. If they can not or would not bring him and Stella together, he'd better stay alone - I'm soooo fed up with his numerous short-lived flings. :rolleyes: :lol:
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    Grade 'Rest in Peace, Marina Garito'

    Yes, I agree with you here. In fact, looking back at what we've been told, it seems that at first Marina called Stella and said that she had a breakthrough, but did not admit that she just went back to the house and remembered what happened. And then she wrote her with the explanation. Despite...
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    Mac Taylor's Love Life *SPOILERS*

    What a question! :rolleyes: :lol: Of course, Mac and Stella belong together. ;) Two others are nowhere close. :p But that's so strange - I got a feeling that on this board there is like 3 and 1/2 fans of Smacked, and pretty much everybody else is viciously opposing. And still somehow in this...
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    Grade 'Rest in Peace, Marina Garito'

    I did not expect this, but I really liked this story. I found it interesting to watch, well thought, well written. A tad too many Marina's monologues, but at least they were well done. Though I’m not quite sure how real is all this suppressed memory line. Can it really go that far? The...
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    Happy Birthday, Stars of CSI:NY!

    Happy birthday, Gary! :luvlove: May your dearest dreams come true. :beer:
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    Grade 'Pot of Gold'

    Slow. Booooring…. :rolleyes: Green beer and gold bars, and even Flack speaking Irish did not help much. :shifty: The best scene was Adam in the vault – he never disappoints. :thumbsup: Well, Mac with his tricks – electrolysis and ferromagnetic liquid was not too bad either. All the rest -...
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    Grade 'Uncertainty Rules'

    I beg to differ! :guffaw: I have some mixed feelings about this episode, though I can not quite put the finger on what puts me off. It was not bad. But it was not brilliant either. :rolleyes: A bit too graphic, the murder scene way too gory. :eek: (Oh, and Danny repeating at least 3 times for...
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    CSI: NY Season 6 Spoiler Discussion - Solving Crime in the Empire City

    Re: CSI: NY Season 6 Spoiler Discussion - Solving Crime in the Empire Good for him! :thumbsup: I think he looked really crappy with this afro-"do", it's been kind of distracting. - A whole lot better with short hair or even shaved - it suits him. ;)
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    CSI: NY Season 6 Spoiler Discussion - Solving Crime in the Empire City

    Re: CSI: NY Season 6 Spoiler Discussion - Solving Crime in the Empire Well, they are NOT siblings. And yes, I agree with you that there would be more close contacts between close friends. But in this case it's still overboard, way more than you'd normally see even between close friends. And...
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    The Worst Episode Ever

    Of course, everybody looks for different things in this show. :cool: That's why I don't think a consensus on "the best" or "the worst" episode is attainable. ;) :p I personally don't like S4 finale "Hostage". :wtf: I don't know whether it's "the worst", but it's the one I definitely don't want...