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    Season 16 ?

    i'm sad it's almost over for the franchise, but it was retrospectivly a big foreshadowing that danson took that role on fx.i do not doubt that it was planned long time ago, and to toy with us fans just installed nick's depature for the thrill of it.lame. so for the movie it will be difficult...
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    Season 15 Spoiler Lab Discussion and Pics

    hi guys, do we have some info on a 2 case episode this season?for me, it feels like the last episode with two cases that didn`t interfere has been a long time since.
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    Season 15 Spoiler Lab Discussion and Pics

    Re: Season 15 Spoiler Lab Discussion talk csi did had one topic, in which someone could stated his wish list for the upcoming season. and as a fun matter of fact they've attempted my particular suggestions for season 13. link...
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    "Dead In His Tracks" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    very nice episode, besides that i already knew wich the killer was from the get go( first appereance), this was classic csi.metaphoric, subtle, thrilling... the sad thing is, this was by any means standard storry telling...
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    'Skin in the Game' Discussion **SPOILERS**

    so, filming harnois nacked was the most disturbing scene, since csi's first take?anyway that's how one of the executives described to say it ou loud, after last years worst season they've now come up with the worst finale, ever.and if this is not bad enough, they've adopted all my...
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    Season 13 Spoiler Lab Discussion Part 1

    i for one am happy that the writers still have the potential to direct 3 good episodes(character involvement excluded) in a row.last time i checked, that happened somewhere in season 11!!! yes, imo for csi standards it is been a long time, but also an improvement so to speak.
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    On the Bubble: Can CSI: NY be Saved?

    surely it would be the last one,imo.they'd accomplished the same amount of season like miami(a punch in the face should it be the case that ny outrun them)and to cheat the bubble the 4th time wouldn't be explainable, also it has his legacy.
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    On the Bubble: Can CSI: NY be Saved?

    got a good feeling about an renewal.for one reason because of the symbolism 10th(catch up with miami) and espacially for the headline wich states "csi ny survived the 3rd time". but to be fair, it ain't the same feeling like last year where i predicted the downfall of miami and the saving of ny.
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    George/Nick: Texan Charm #13

    is it just me, or does anybody else find nick`s accent (in s13)over the top?
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    "Fearless" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    3 episodes were i have no complaints.that makes a better season than s12,period.
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    "Dead of the Class" **SPOILERS**Series: 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigatio

    Re: "Dead of the Class" **SPOILERS**Series: 'CSI: Crime Scene Investig sara's advice did help him obviously.
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    "In Vino Veritas" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    positve moments good character moments from d.b, mac and greg. suspense packed storrytelling in BOTH cases. the friend/relationship reveals ended up making sense and weren't ,imo, far fetched. negative morgan&hodges in total a very good episode.they still have something under their...
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    Season 13 Spoiler Lab Discussion Part 1

    yes, this is exactly what i was trying to tell, far i can tell, i would define his signature as complicating, twisting and suspensful(man up/split decissions).and as we know it's the formula that gave csi the credits, especially international.then exept of richard catalani, none of the...