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    Grade 'Tales from the Undercard'

    That pretty much sums up how I feel. I haven't written here in ages not because I've stopped watching the show, but I don't really have anything positive to say about it. I've given up on CSI:NY. I've been waiting for the miracle all season long but it's pretty obvious it's not going to happen...
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    'New York''s Leading Man Finds A New Love Interest

    Shelly Johnson from 'Twin Peaks'. Me likes :D She was a little wooden in the show but that was eons ago and she probably was very young. I haven't seen her in anything else since then, so we'll see.
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    Togo Arrested For Suspected Domestic Violence

    I believe in innocent til proven guilty, so I won't say what I think until we now the real facts. IMO we shouldn't condemn him OR try to justify his actions if we don't know what happened. What I don't understand is trying to think of possible scenarios where an agression could be justified...
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    Grade 'Death House'

    Since I've hated almost every episode this season, I can't say anything bad about this one. It wasn't offensive, it wasn't good but it wasn't bad either. It was just meh, but at least it didn't make me hate the writers for the character assassination they've been doing since the season started...
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    Grade "Manhattanhenge"

    It was the worst of the three, but I'm really glad the Compass Killer plot is over. If I hated "Grounds for Deception" for the incredibly cheesy and bad clichés, this episode was even worse. There wasn't a cliché about psychotic killers that the writers didn't meet and like. But what ruined...
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    Grade 'Cuckoo's Nest'

    During the last 15 minutes I kept thinking "please let it be the last Compass Killer episode", but clearly it wasn't my lucky day :(. What a waste of storyline--boring, predictable and very unoriginal. Everybody had guessed that he was having allucinations and that his wife was dead. It didn't...
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    8x07 - 'Bone Voyage' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    I've read several comments here and in other sites of people that found it very funny so yeah, I think it was supposed to be funny, whether you think they were joking or not. And that's what bothered me--a funny scene in such a serious situation. I don't remember any other episode with a similar...
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    8x07 - 'Bone Voyage' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    Of course it was a mistake! That's not what I meant. I meant that once it was established that Walter mistook the shell for a bone, it was unnecessary to joke about it due to the nature of the task they were doing --a simple roll of eyes on Ryan's part would've been enough. It was tasteless and...
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    8x06 - 'Dude Where's my Groom' **CONTAINS SPOILERS**

    You are either too young or you are not listening to the right music. :lol: When Julio at the bail bond place was telling Jesse and Cal how Jake bailed out Sean, he said Jake came singing "Wanted Dead or Alive" which I hope you know is one of BJ most popular songs. :lol: Another thing I...
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    8x07 - 'Bone Voyage' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    Good episode, I liked it more than I expected. Some quick thoughts: I liked: - Lots of Natalia, finally. I'm happy for Eva, she had a lot of scenes in such an important episode. She deserved it. - Ray didn't appear until later. The promos featured him prominently so I feared the worst. I'm...
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    8x06 - 'Dude Where's my Groom' **CONTAINS SPOILERS**

    An OK episode. The first time I got a little bit confused with the timeline, so I rewatched it to clarify things. I knew it would be the bride or the father --isn't one of them always in these cases?-- but the episode had enough twists to keep me interested. And the ending was a bit over the...
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    Kardashian And Minnillo Guest Star On 'New York'

    Yeah, I remember that, his *acting* was cringeworthy. That's it. I don't mind stunt cast if they choose somebody that's talented or has a real career in something, not just a collection of tabloid covers. Edit: I thought CSI:Miami was more suited for this reality shows stars. After all...
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    Kardashian And Minnillo Guest Star On 'New York'

    I wasn't aware that these two famous-for-being-in-the-tabloids chicks were considered actresses. Stunt casting in NY usually leaves me wondering why, but this is beyond ridiculous. What's next? Paris Hilton and Britney Spears? C'mon, I thought this was a serious show!
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    "Death And The Maiden" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    It could be a reference to the excellent Roman Polanski movie of the same title. Check it out here. I like the other theory, though.
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    "Bloodsport" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    I lost interest in those seasons too, but for other reasons --mainly because I was a GSR fan only in fanfiction and I didn't like how Sara was portrayed once they decided to go down that route--, so I see why many fans wouldn't want character-driven seasons, but after ten years of science and...