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    New CSI fan film!

    You heard me i, along with multiple people are in talks about making a fan film around CSI, but we need help as you know it takes money to make a film and we would love it if you could help us, just go to this link [removed] and help! We arent here to spam and beg for money if you cant that's...
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    'I Have an Episode/Season Question' Thread #2. No Spoilers Please.

    I was wondering if anyone knew where to find the promo for the entire show about Horatio. It makes fun of all the things he does saying things like: "He talks with his back to people, he walks away without finishing his sentences.......theres no one like Horatio Caine" ive seen it alot but...
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    Season 8 **Spoiler Lab** - 'Quench Your Thirst!'

    What i know is Eddie is said to be joining cast,The episode will start as a flashback to '97 and Alexx will be in it and maybe speed
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    CSI Team Trauma part 3 coming soon!

    Yes, i know it's been over a year since Team Trauma part one and 2 were released but its taken me sometime to get everything i want in it together and a good order. Now remember this takes place before the season where Sara left and after season 2 so Grissom,Sara,and Warrick are all in it. To...
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    CSI Roleplay site!

    Its not or themits just they are incorporated into the stories. also if you go to a special page on the site you can write your own CSI Movie
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    CSI Roleplay site!

    For the characters in the show you can roleplay alongside them like Grissom or Horatio but you cant roleplay as them and for cast we set up stories for the cast like theres one going on now about William Petersen gets kidnapped.
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    CSI Roleplay site!

    Its mostly Vegas but you could probabaly incorporate what you want and i thought that it would probabaly be good to give the link so here it is [link removed by mod]
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    CSI Roleplay site!

    Due to recent loss of activity at a great CSI Roleplay site we have been forced to go around and ask for people to come roleplay with us. It's not a bad idea,there is much to offer. You can work on a current case with CSI cast characters while using a character you created. Or you can view...
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    Pitch us the next CSI spin-off!!!!

    oh you did? i didn't notice sorry
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    Pitch us the next CSI spin-off!!!!

    CSI:Memphis Takes place in Memphis Tennessee where elvis lived and its really historical i think and would be a great location. I can only think of 2 people that would be god in it Collin Farrell and Ali Larter
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    Now That Petersen, Fox, Dourdan Are Gone

    William Petersen Leaving CSI ? A friend told me that she was on the internet and found out that William Petersen was leaving CSI. Is this true and if it is why is he leaving and if you dont know just think of a reason why he would leave.
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    CSI: Seattle

    A.V. Specialist CSI:Level 1 Bob Cane
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    New CSI fanfic Series coming soon

    All the characters have been renamed and re-jobbed except for the name allan rosseli
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    Your Favorite CSI Line From any 3 Shows

    CSI:Miami: Horatio: *puts on his shades at a cemetary where there is a dead guy H's hairs al messed up and he put his shade on in a wierd manner* Here we go. CSI: Grissom: As CSI Investigators we meet people on the worst day of their lives. Loved ones,taken from them a hole in their heart that...
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    CSI: Seattle Episode 1 Free Fall

    thank you