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    Calleigh & Ryan #8 - Give Me A Chance.

    Yeah. I know, harsh! Please don't hurt me! :lol: There are some relationships that gets too familial and crosses the line from where it's ok for them to date to where it wouldn't really be ok. Ryan/Calleigh is one of them. I do like the early days of their relationship and I like the...
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    Calleigh & Ryan #8 - Give Me A Chance.

    I want to see your work togo2hot! :D I don't like Ryan/Calliegh in the romantic sense one bit, I think it's almost borderline incest. But if Calliegh were to hook up with anyone who wasn't Eric, I want it to be Ryan. Not Jesse (especially not Jesse, ew.), the AV guy or the new kid from night...
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    What do you think is going to happen in 8.01?

    I doubt they'll go back to that, ever.
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    Fanfic Request/Ideas, Recommendation & Showcase

    Re: NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month Same here, Spooky. But this girl that wrote for this fandom I was in long ago participated in NaNoWriMo writing a fic under that fandom. So I think it's okay, besides there's people who are planning to write Supernatural, Harry Potter, Twilight, etc...
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    Fanfic Request/Ideas, Recommendation & Showcase

    NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month Is anyone taking part in it? Sorry if this sort of thread isn't allowed! Does it belong in the FF/RPG section of the forum? It seems like it should but I'm posting it here to be safe.
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    Speed/Rory #18 - A Different Shade of Badass

    I look forward to it! :D Thanks Kris :D
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    The Rant and I Cannot Say This Out Loud #3

    I haven't been on here for a few days, wow! :lol: Anyways, concerning my rant last week, not sure when, I'm not as much angry as sad now about it :( It sucks that he has stopped acting and wishes to live life as a normal person. But it's his decision and I wish him the best of luck! :D I just...
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    The Rant and I Cannot Say This Out Loud #3

    So. Effin. Uncool. Why don't you go over there and give that sod a piece of your mind?!
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    TV's Greatest Couples!!!

    Well, I kinda saw it when I watched the season 3 finale the second time! :lol: Plus the second episode of this season, Cam sounded heart-broken somewhat when Zack was vaguely mentioned :( I haven't gotten to season 2 as I have to wait for the DVD to be released (don't get HBO), but the Eric now...
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    Bones #2: The Jeffersonian Breakroom

    I can sense disappointment with the 100th episode :( It'll be like another Miami premiere :( While HH has done some questionable things, he's not as cracked as a certain writer of another TV series. :wtf:
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    The Rant and I Cannot Say This Out Loud #3

    Today was a good day, productive! :D I only have one rant and it's not a rant really :lol: Shots, why do you have to hurt so badly! :scream::(
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    The Official Pet Thread pt2

    Awww! :adore: I want Foreman, he's adorable. House is as well! :D I'd do the same thing, name them from TV series, but I'd pick several not just one :p Can I take one of the two, please? :D I remember having kittens, two of my three cats I got when they were just over the age which they could...
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    H1N1 Flu Virus

    I've had the flu thrice within the past seven years. The first time I ever got a flu, was seven years ago when I'd just turned 17. An idiot came to school, down with the flu. A whole bunch of us were out sick. :( I know I might not get it for another several years (which I hope I don't ever get...
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    Ryan/Jon #25 - Wolfe's Den

    Whatever floats Delko's boat :p Yeah, I agree, I think dark carpenter (sp??) jeans on men is sexy :D I don't like tight pants, while it may be hot it unpleasing :lol:
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    TV's Greatest Couples!!!

    Favorite couples? That's going to take a while! :lol: BOLD = absolute favorite for that show UNDERLINE = a favorite CSI Las Vegas: Catherine/Warrick, Sara/Grissom, Hodges/Wendy CSI Miami: Calleigh/Eric, Speedle/Calleigh, Horatio/Marisol CSI New York: Stella/Mac, Danny/Lindsay BONES...