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    Doesn't sound like it. Sounds to me like it's score music composed for the show.
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    Raising cain

    Do you mean at the very beginning of the episode? That was Lupe Fiasco feat. Matt Santos with "Superstar" Source and music sample here:
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    CSI - Bull - 8x11 music

    Two songs were played by Shooter Jennings; "Higher" and "This Ol' Wheel", you can listen to them here or look at the scene to figure out which one you're looking for:
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    Help me find this music

    I had no luck trying to figure out the song myself but I added it to my list here:
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    "Miami Confidential" -- CSI: Miami 12-17

    It is Snowden's "Time of the Seasons". You can hear their whole song on their MySpace site:
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    CSI "Ending Happy" opening music

    :) No problem. Sometimes it takes me a little longer to get working on the new music. If nothings is there after a week I guess then I couldn't figure it out. I'm usually faster with the original CSI show than with CSI Miami or CSI NY though. I'm glad you like my site :)
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    CSI "Ending Happy" opening music

    "Dead Funny" by Archie Bronson Outfit
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    'Up in Smoke' Music Question

    Sure, just PM me with your email address :)
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    'Up in Smoke' Music Question

    I know it's an old thread, but it's not that easy to get hands on Tina Dico's "Sleeper" and I wondered if anyone is interested in it. I finally got my hands on it :)
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    CSI: NY last nights episode!?!

    It's "Each Moment New" by Lou Rhodes (Info found here: )
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    CSI:NY song??

    Can you tell me where in the episode Lo-Fi-Fnk - "Wake Up" and Bill Brown & Mikael Sandgren - "GLA Anthem" are played?
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    CSI: Miami - Going Under Music

    In which scene can you hear 'Dayvan Cowboy' by Boards Of Canada exactly? (I'd like to add it to my list, need the specific scene for that)
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    Does anybody know?

    Could at least one song be Mogwai's "I know who you are but what am I"? Here you can listen to a sample:
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    'Up in Smoke' Music Question

    Yeah, "Anyone can lose" sounds different. :confused:
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    'Up in Smoke' Music Question

    Just wanted to say where I got the idea from that it could be by Frou Frou: But, does anyone have a link where we can listen to "Sleeper" by Euphoria? Then we could compare it. I wasn't able to find a sample yet.