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    How old are all CSI fans?

    I am 39 until February.
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    Criminal Minds

    I hope we get to see it also. I have really missed the show and would love to see what happens next.
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    Former X-Philes, Unite!

    I would also say it is more select episodes then actuale seasons. There were just so many good episodes off of each season I don't think I could possibly pick a favorite. I am currently watching the Mythology series I am on the first one Abduction. It is really neat to see the epidoses that...
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    Former X-Philes, Unite!

    If the release day holds up there is 221 days til the movie is in theaters. I am so excited it has been a long wait. I even have my 9 year old son looking forward to it. He watches it with me on DVD and even will watch them on tv.
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    I have to agree, I have felt from t he first episode this was the best new show of the season.
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    Former X-Philes, Unite!

    Hi I was wandering if anyone else had heard that X-Files2 starts filming today, and will have a release date of July 2008. Oh I hope this is true and we can finally get to see more of the X-files. I have been seeing rumours for awhile now and I am so excited.
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    Criminal Minds

    I haven't been in this thread before but I have watched this show and love it. I was in complete shock at what happened to Garcia. I did not see that coming and I thought I was pretty good at figuring out what is about to happen. Not this time, I was blind sided. I even called my mother to...
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    Should Jake Be Permanent?

    I really hope Jake doesn't stay around. He has no real purpose and doesn't really add anymore to the show. If we want a regular bad guy we have Stetler. One is enough.
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    NCIS thread #2: post here or get your head slapped

    Hi Slashernothorror I have been watching NCIS since the middle of the first season (shame on me)but I have to say I liked Kate and Tony but I have really warmed up to the Ziva/Tony thing they are just good together. I think Gibbs knows what Tony is up to he always seems to know.
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    Former X-Philes, Unite!

    I was the same way about season 8 but found myself watching it anyways so when I could finaly get all the seasons (thanks to Ebay) I also got seasons 8 and 9 and was glad I did. I really believe they are worth watching. I found the more I watched those last two seasons the more I liked Dogget...
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    Former X-Philes, Unite!

    I'm still here. Been hearing alot about X-Files2. I hope and pray the rumors are true
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    Adam/Delko #7- Warning: May Cause Spontaneous Combustion

    Just wanted to say hello to all, its been awhile since I was here. I am so looking forward to Monday night. I tried hard to not look at spoilers this season then when Eric got shot that was it I have been back to the spoilers. Well back to reading.
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    The Wallpaper Thread #4

    I haven't been on in awhile and just wanted to tell everyone great wallpapers. I snagged some of them they are great.
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    Natalia Boa Vista poll: KEEP HER or LOSE HER???

    I voted lose her, its not that I don't like her I just don't see any real reason for her character. She doesn't really fit in anywhere.
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    Without A Trace *May Contain Spoilers*

    Re: Without A Trace Just got done watching tonights episode I really thought it was great. I think this season is really going to be great.