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    Caption Game #3 - Shipper Central Style

    There's gotta be a pun in there somewhere. :lol:
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    Mac/Jo: Making good first impressions

    I think MoJo was suggested earlier, but MaJor works better... :lol: Ta-Da? We could make all kinds of puns with this... I'm not alone when I say I hope Jo never, never, never, never, ever leaves, right? She's too awesome to leave. I'll be watching the episode that aired last night later today...
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    You top favorite ships in the entire CSI Franchise?

    All former [aka, the feeling has lost] ships included. 1. Hodges/Wendy 2. Mac/Jo 3. Grissom/Sara 4. Mac/Stella 5. Warrick/Catherine 6. Grissom/Lady Heather 7. Horatio/Calleigh 8. Sid/Stella 9. Mac/Aubrey
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    Mac/Jo: Making good first impressions

    She makes him so relaxed I think it's adorable. I'm just returning from a very, very long CSI hiatus and I just finished up watching all the episodes of CSI:NY so far this season [except for "Party Down"] and I just have to SQUEEE at those scenes they ALWAYS have together at the end of the...
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    Mac/Jo: Making good first impressions

    Woooooo! I am totally in love with this pairing. I have been squealing for every scene of theirs together since "Unfriendly Chat", LOL. Me, I don't know why [for one who used to be a SMack fan.... USED TO...] and I personally think that the show is declining a bit, but like everyone else, I...
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    Add a Line- Miami Style - Part Three

    "Well, didn't you learn about factors like angle and brightness of light, amount of exposure one may have had to certain light or colors, and various life-altering experiences may influence whether one sees pink or purple?" [maaaan I feel random.]
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    Add a line Vegas Style

    "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!??!" as Nick appeared dumbstruck, she continued,
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    Add A Line...NY Style #2

    looked bewildered and lost
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    Add a line Vegas Style

    "Hodges, stop it!" while he continued to...
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    Getting To Know Each Other

    1) Name: You can call me PianoWizzy :) 2) Birthday: Na-ah, I'm not tellin' you that. 3) Age (for those who don't wanna do the math): between 12 and 20. I can act 5 or 50. Depends. 4) Favorite Music Genre: Ummm, pop rock, I suppose, but I can't really pick unless I say anything but punk, hard...
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    The Mentalist

    I'm very new to this fandom but I am very quickly becoming addicted to this show and the pairing of Libson and Jane. :guffaw:
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    Caption Game #3 - Shipper Central Style

    Grissom: What are you looking at? Lady H: Mmm, your lips? Grissom: Why? Lady H: The suspense is killing me. Grissom: I doubt you mean that literally. Lady H: Are you stalling? Grissom: Not exactly, but I found this to be amusing so far.
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    Add a line Vegas Style

    ...had a comically dramatic BATTLE TO THE INJURY, since they had agreed it was illegal to kill, and...
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    Horatio & Alexx-Two Peas in a Pod

    Re: Horatio & Alexx-Two Peas in a Pod If Alexx wasn't married, I most certainly wouldn't mind these two as a pair. I just love scenes when they're together...
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    Hodges & Wendy - Labrat Love #2, They "ARE" made for each other

    Oh my, I missed more than I thought I could have! I've obviously been gone too long.. And it's a tragedy when half of my favorite ship just drops out and leaves!! Whyyy? This is terrible!! And I do agree with a number of posts above; mentioning this ship isn't exactly taking away from the...