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    Gary #6: Renaissance Man (cause he can do everything)

    Hey I dont know if anyone asked this yet, but I know there is a movie coming out or already out about Gary and the Lt. Dan Band, but does anyone know when or if it will come to DVD, and if not, where can people see it??
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    Gary#5 "Houston...We Have A Hottie!"

    Could you post some pics of his son and kids?? I've always been curious what they look like Gary talks about them so much in interviews it would be nice to place a face with the names.
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    Gary#5 "Houston...We Have A Hottie!"

    All these older interviews coming out, got me wondering does anybody have a baby pictures of Gary or know a site that has some I'm curious what he looked like as a baby.
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    Gary#5 "Houston...We Have A Hottie!"

    Does anyone have a picture of all of Gary's kids?? I hear him talk about them all the time in interviews but I could only find a picture of Mac and Ella none of Sophie.
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    Gary #4....Soooooo Nibble Worthy

    Hey everyone, I'm new here but I heard that Gary was on Access Hollywood tonight, someone said it was a short clip but he was out to dinner with Jerry Bruckheimer and Jon Voight, does anyone have the video, or know where I might be able to find it?