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    CSI:NY Spoiler Discussion - Bring on Season 6!

    I too am hoping that noone is dead or almost, come the intor into season 6. We all (for the most part) there are some that dont like Lindsay,but otherwise we all like the cast as it is. Lets hope that they dont take anyone else from us. Angell was a HUGE loss, for the whole cast, ecspecially...
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    Should Flack Be Disciplined; Will He

    You do things in times of despair that you wouldnt normally do... Don has always been "by the book" while at work, but when someoen you love is killed in cold blood all you can think of is revenge no common sense comes thru.....I agree that once he has had time to process waht he did he is going...
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    Should Flack Be Disciplined; Will He

    ACW1129 why should Danny have been taken off the case.... Don should have been taken off the case... Danny was a good boy and did things right for a change whys everybody always picking on my bad boy???? LOL
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    Grade 'Pay Up'

    You guys we are over looking the obvious... it didnt show anyone get shot last night they all hit the floor to duck....what if "Someone's life hangs in the balance while awaiting the start if season 6" means that Flack's life as a cop hangs in the balance.... he did shoot the guy in the head...
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    Grade 'Pay Up'

    Danny wasnt the one that shot the guy in the head that was flack
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    CSI NY Picture Game #9

    what season is this from??? 4 or 5
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    Locker Room #18: Danny/Carmine: Welcome to the Insane Asylum!

    You know he probably did need a nap, seeing as he is the diaper changing type of daddy he is probably the get up with lindsay in the middle of the night.....I thouhgt it was a cute gesture...him gettign jealous over who was palying with his baby princess.... there is only one man in her life...
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    Grade "Grounds for Deception"

    Hey you guys no offense meant here, but it is a fictional crime drama, so no there wasnt much reality there with the baby in the lab, however I thought the whole "theres only one man in her life and its me" line was cute.... I think that they are trying to get us used to the idea of the baby...
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    CSI: NY Season 5 Spoiler Discussion--Drama in Alphabet City!

    Sorry guys I have been away a few days where did you see these videos I want to go watch them. Thanks
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    CSI: NY Season 5 Spoiler Discussion--Drama in Alphabet City!

    If it was Danny that was in a coma then why is Lindsay calm looking, if her husband was in a coma she would be at the hospital with him and have the baby with her im sure. Unless that happens later in the show.
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    Happy Birthday, Stars of CSI:NY!

    Happy Happy Birthday Melina... we love you and of course most of us are crazy about SMacked....
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    CSI: NY Season 5 Spoiler Discussion--Drama in Alphabet City!

    HEY GUYS, Sorry it is Angel.... I found the link on you tube.... Flack is carrying Angell out after she gets shot....I think Im gonna cry. Heres the link:::
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    CSI: NY Season 5 Spoiler Discussion--Drama in Alphabet City!

    The interview was with Peter Lenkov... he is the lead producer of the show, so Im guessing that he knows Angell isnt in the main line up. And when he was asked about a romance for Hawkes he pretty much avoided the question. It is Hawkes that gets killed and Danny gets shot and is in a...
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    Grade 'The Past, Present and Murder'

    They are wrapping up the flash drive on the finale'. At least according to Peter Lenkov a few weeks back. It wasnt that bad of an episode. I thought that they had just dropped the flashdrive storyline, but they didnt. They were waiting for the right episode to bring it in too. The next...
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    Big Season Finale Spoiler *MAJOR SPOILER*

    Ok well Peoples All 4 main characters have NEW contracts... that is MAC, Stella, Danny, Lindsay....We have found articles that it is HAwkes, he wants to go the political route and persue that. There is already storylines for D/L ad bay girl Messer... there is an interview that was with Peter...