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    **Spoiler Lab** You Know You Can't Resist!

    I enjoy hearing about what will happen next! New epi tonight? Sigh, I can't stand waiting, why can't it be new EVERY week?
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    Your Thoughts on the upcoming Danny/Lindsay development (SPOILERS!!!)

    Re: Your Thoughts on the upcoming Danny/Lindsay development (SPOILERS! I personally love the Danny/Lindsay storyline! But I'm surprised how many on here don't seem to like it all that much. I've never seen it as a huge thing really. I mean it IS, but it's not taking over the show. But that's...
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    Too much ship on the tv?

    I don't think so. I think people MAKE themself believe there is to much by going on about it all the time. Really, there is lots of D/L and all, but it's in between. The show still has MAJOR focus on the crime stuff.
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    Danny's Glasses??? *Possibly the Most Minor Spoiler Ever*

    OMG! The whole episode I kept saying that to my dad everytime I saw Danny. "Where did his glasses go!?" My dad said maybe he got contacts. XD. I liked his glasses. Glasses are awesome. I wear glasses and I love Danny's! At first I was like, "Okay, did Danny break them or something...
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    "Art Imitates Life" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    I for one LOVED the episode and my dad did too. I hate how some people have to get so annoyed with everything. Why complain about it? But I don't watch much TV so I guess I'm easily satisifed or something. XD! I loved the episode and the new character is awesome! It's always nice to have fresh...
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    Your Thoughts on the upcoming Danny/Lindsay development (SPOILERS!!!)

    Re: Your Thoughts on the upcoming Danny/Lindsay development (SPOILERS! Hi! I for one, am really happy about them having a baby! First, I know CSI, and they do very well keeping it to the crimes and them giving us a little personal life of the CSIs. I know some people may not like the idea, but...
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    CSI: NY Season 5 Spoiler Discussion - Back in the Big Apple

    Re: CSI: NY Season 5 Spoiler Dicussion - Back in the Big Apple Heehee, to bad what not with all the girls showing cleavage, the guys can't go around the lab with no shirts on..if only! :devil: Thanks for all the spoiler info! Always get me more excited to watch the show, can't wait for tonight!
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    Marg/Catherine #7.0 ~ Totally Thud Worthy

    Catherine is awesome! In the episode I watched tonight, that guy threatened Catherine at the end. It scared me. Do you think he'll be trouble for her later?
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    "I still have a question about an episode" thread #2

    Re: "I still have a question about an episode" thread #2 In the episode of Season Eight when some of the CSIs were sick, I was always curious. Does anyone know if the actors themselves were sick, or if it really was just acting? Me and my dad where wondering that!
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    *New* How old are all CSI fans?

    I'm sixteen. I got into CSI from my dad who had started watching it. ^^ I believe I was 14 or 15 when I started watching it. I love it!
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    Pitch us the next CSI spin-off!!!!

    CSI: Toronto! Take it to Canada! Yay! I would also find it interesting to show them work cases with snow during the winter.
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    You Know You Watch Too Much CSI:Miami When...Part 2!

    When you start mixing your other obsessions with CSI: Miami. Like, for example, my friend got me into her Animorph books. I've finished them all and read a lot of them, and it's what I think about a lot now. So I think; CSI Miami crossover/Animorphs! Hehehehe! What if H's son Kyle is one of the...
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    Quotes you WON'T hear - Pt 2

    Hodges to Grissom: Maybe we should get married. :evil:
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    Why is Sid to only one to Reproduce??

    I was thinking about this a lot! It would be cute, I don't know why but I'm always a sucker for seeing our fave characters around kids. It brings out this really sweet side and you just have to go, "awwww!" Mac being a strict dad (and fair), but very protective. Actually I think that is why...
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    Eric/Greg: Leggo Our Greggo #10

    I loved that line to! I was thinking when watching, "What's that sound," And loved Greg's expression when he answered! XD