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    What's one thing you wish hadn't happened in CSI?

    I really never liked Aiden. So, I'm glad that she was killed off. I wish she hadn't let, either. I mean, she was the best ME in Miami. I loved her. He's the one, who put 'crime' into 'CSI'. So without him, the show's nothing.
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    Ryan/Jon #21 - Wolfe Pack

    Thanks, and you can just call me Jo.:) And that's slightly off-topic. But my mind's frazzled, at the moment. So I really can't be bothered, to reply in full!:lol:
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    Quiz Thread #4

    James Bond Actors - 6/6 Trivial Pursuit - 4/9 Landmarks // Cities - 5/22
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    Get Your CSI:Miami Pictures Here! ***Possible Season 8 Spoilers***

    Re: Get Your CSI:Miami Pictures Here! ***Possible Season 7 Spoilers*** When does season 7, start in the UK? I know it can't be soon, because season 9 of Vegas is still being shown at the moment. But I'd really like to know, as I've heard it's a really good season. I also want to see that...
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    Ryan/Jon #21 - Wolfe Pack

    I'm not quite sure, if I've posted in here or not. But, I'm another Ryan loving fan. And he is like so hawt hawt hawt! :drool:
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    Quiz Thread #4

    Common Chat Acronyms: 16/30 Superhero Secret Identities: 16/16 Most Spoken Languages Worldwide: 5/20
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    Ryan/Jon #20 - The Tight T-Shirt Society

    I think we're going to need a big bucket, for all the drool we're making!:guffaw: And I'm not complaining. Because Mr. Togo is one hot guy. He just deserves to be drooled over.:drool:
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    Quiz Thread #4

    CSI: New York: 7/10 All about Alan Alda: 3/15:lol: CSI: Vegas: 6/10
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    Ryan/Jon #20 - The Tight T-Shirt Society

    And so it does! ROFL!:lol: But, then again....I don't really care. Because he's still "Oofft" soooooo hot hot hot!:drool:
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    Ryan/Jon #20 - The Tight T-Shirt Society

    Re: Ryan/Jon #20 Oofft!:drool::adore:
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    The International Thread

    I was born and raised in England.:)
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    Quiz Thread #4

    TV Actors: 11/16 Common words: 12/100 Sidekicks: 18/28
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    Pin the Tail on the Birthday Thread #6

    Happy birthday, CoachMom!:D
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    Which show has the best guest stars?

    I'm not quite sure about that one. I mean, they've all had their fair share of "really good" guest stars. But in my honest opinion....I reakon the guest appearance from Roger Daltrey in Vegas, was really good. It really pleased me, because he's in the band The Who. And we all know, that they...
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    How Old Are Most CSI LV Fans?

    I'm 24. But I'll be 25, in 2 weeks time!:D:p