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    Caution: **Spoiler Lab** Ahead - Season 7

    I was wondering how Ryan would be able to keep his job if he's caught trying to tamper with evidence--especially since he was temporarily canned for his gambling problem. But the timeline and what Horatio discovers reveals there are mitigating circumstances to whatever Ryan does.
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    "Leave Out All the Rest" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    I totally interpreted this differently. I thought Riley said that she thought Greg was "more into hairpulling" and interpreted that as implying he liked having his hair pulled as opposed to being tied up. I could be mistaken.
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    CSI: NY Icon Chal.Thr. 2 - Ch.#35: Danny ~ Results!

    Re: CSI: NY Icon Chal.Thr. 2 - Ch.#21: Keep on Runnin' ~ Voting Open! No worries. Congrats to the winners.
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    Episode 6x21 - 'Going Ballistic' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    I totally missed H sending the text message--that makes total sense to me now--thanks.
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    Episode 6x21 - 'Going Ballistic' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    With regards to Ryan, I was surprised he got a text message after Horatio was shot saying "it was done", but then I thought back to the episode where Ryan was acting as a bodyguard for a teenage internet celeb, and he was tracking text messages and posts on his i-phone in an attempt to stay one...
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    "For Gedda" Season Finale Discussion *SPOILERS*

    I think the undersheriff might have been trying to make it look like a suicide, but then part of me thinks that this is so, he did a sloppy job of it, because he shot Warrick twice, and dumped the gun in the passenger seat. He didn't bother to place the gun in Warrick's hand. Maybe he's just...
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    Stargate Atlantis

    Stargate Atlantis--Fun Question Which character's family would you like to find out more about and why? I'll start--I'd like to find out more about John Shepherd's family because he's my favorite character on Atlantis. Signed, Jenn Official Team Stargate Member
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    Stargate Atlantis--Just a Friendly Reminder

    Want a chance to win $5000 and an opportunity to be part of a Stargate Atlantis videogame? Remember to tune in and Unlock the Gate! Watch Stargate Atlantis every Friday at 10/9C on SCI FI to retrieve the gate code to allow you to enter for your chance to win $5,000 cash and an opportunity to...
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    Stargate Atlantis

    Sneak peek of Stargate Atlantis "Harmony" at Copy the link and/or download the video and post to your community pages to share with others. Will Sheppard and McKay be able to protect the child princess? See what other fans are thinking, and find out who's...
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    Question about Danny's brother Louie

    Thanks for all the replies. The reason why I asked is that I wrote a fanfic a while back where Louie is still in a coma and is murdered (sorry) by someone in the Tanglewood gang, and was thinking of adapting it into a screenplay for a contest. But I think I'll hold off on that for a while...
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    "You Kill Me" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    I thought the episode was hilarious. Every time Bobby was put in the hot seat I'd say "must be pick-on-Bobby day". Greg's "yeah, whatever" comment was a surprise, but not necessarily out of character. I think he's ticked that Sara left, and likely resents Grissom because of it. Remember...
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    Eric/Greg: Szmokin' Hot Pic Thread #5

    Re: Eric/Greg: smokin' hot pic thread # 5!! I'm happy regardless, like I said, it was a nice surprise.
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    Question about Danny's brother Louie

    Did Louie ever come out of his coma from "Run Silent, Run Deep" (season 2)? Did we ever find out what happened to him?
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    'I Have an Episode/Season Question' Thread #2. No Spoilers Please.

    Re: CSI:Miami 'I Have a Question' Thread #2. NO SPOILERS PLEASE Thanks buhbye and DragonDreamer, that's exactly the question I was going to ask--I think Frank looks sharp in uniform.
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    Wallpaper Challenge Thread #2

    Re: Wallpaper Challenge #20: Black and White ~ Now Up! I'm in, and congrats Twiz!!!