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    CSI NY Picture Game #9

    You got it El....Super men :) Your turn
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    CSI NY Picture Game #9

    Either its a tuffy or ev1 just bored with thread...just bumping Hint: Season 2
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    CSI: NY Picture Thread #4: Ready for Your Close Up?

    Thanks for pic Natty :)
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    Gary#5 "Houston...We Have A Hottie!"

    Hmmm...Gary in skin-tight black leather and bat-ears... I'll have to think on that one for a bit... Okay I thought about it!!!! :devil::drool::devil::drool::devil::drool:
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    Mac ♥ Stella #16 - His heart will follow her home.

    *Hands paper towels to NM42* :hugegrin: I'm watching Yahrzeit again...I didn't think I bawled enough wed night... And I'm analyzing "the Look" again. Yep, Yep we're right...Big Mac is in love:adore:
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    Mac/Adam: The Fist-Bump did it!

    After last nights episode, (Yahrzeit) how can there not be a Mac/Adam thread? :eek: :guffaw::guffaw::guffaw: Here's link to the scene. Fist bump is at 5:43 of the video. Enjoy:beer:
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    Stella/Melina #6: Rambo Stella. Bring it on!

    Great episode last night, but not enough Stella :(. I personally would of replaced Danny whacking the skinhead on the pavement with.... Stella whacking the skinhead on the pavement!:) I love Melina because she's a great actress and so very pretty (loved her on Providence too). But I really...
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    Gary#5 "Houston...We Have A Hottie!"

    Uhm... Gary as the Wolverine? Ok, great now I have Gary and Hugh Jackman running through the naughty thoughts in my head. Thank You...thank you very much :rolleyes: And the Sponge Bob story was priceless:guffaw::guffaw::guffaw:
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    Mac ♥ Stella #16 - His heart will follow her home.

    Ok very emotional episode last night. I was still teary 30 minutes after the show was over :( But I'm glad I wasn't only one that thought the look was the look of love:adore::adore::adore:. But I knew you girls wouldn't let me down :thumbsup: Just to let ya know, packing is on schedule and...
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    Mac #6: Unbuttoned...

    *raises hand and waves it madly* I'm sure I could find a way to console the poor lad ;)
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    Mac #6: Unbuttoned...

    Ya had to put that one up:( That's the part where I started bawling and didn't stop until the news that follows CSI was half over!!!! Great pics and great episode "Im finished talking" "Then shut up!":guffaw::guffaw:Gooooooooooo Mac!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Grade 'Yahrzeit'

    I wont go into specifics because everyone else pretty much summed up my feelings on this episode, but WOW This is no doubt one of the best episodes of not only season 5 but best episodes period... I had this feeling in my gut watching the whole thing that it was gonna get me. And boy did it...
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    Mac ♥ Stella #16 - His heart will follow her home.

    Re: Mac ♥ Stella #16 Tension held inside for a long time..maybe we will get an explosion of SMEX :devil: Its gotta come out sooner or later, right? I also agree tonight is gonna be very emotional for Mac and I've said before we are getting a new Mac. Season 6 is gonna be a major softening of...
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    CSI: NY Season 5 Spoiler Discussion--Drama in Alphabet City!

    Hey, who knows I may have a new career in my future CBS V.P. In Charge of Eppy Naming:lol:
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    Favorite CSI Character and What If They Left?

    LV ~~Grissom: He already left and its not the same. I started watching Csi because of him..William Peterson is one of my fave actors and I was instantly addicted to this show. I know he wanted to move on proffesionally but I've sort of lost interest. I still watch for Kathryn.:) Ny ~~Mac: If he...