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    William/Grissom: The Hottness of Lucky #13

    Great article. Thanks for posting.
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    Photography Competition: Portrait - WINNERS UP!

    Re: Photography Competition: Portrait 6 2 9
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    The Cubbies are kicking butt lately. I just hope they can keep it up the second half of the season. Now, I have hope of a post season.
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    Grade CSI: NY Season Three!

    I gave it an A- because overall I really enjoyed most of the cases and thought they were intriguing. The show didn't have that copycat feel to it that I sensed in earlier seasons.
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    Come on ladies....Own up..

    That's my take on it. I did think it was sweet of him to take her shift.
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    Grade 'Snow Day'

    Fantastic finale. So intense. I couldn't have wished for anything more.
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    National Bingo Night - ABC

    I wasn't real impressed with this show. As game shows go, it was kind of boring. Besides, I didn't win. :(
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    American Idol

    That gets my vote. :lol:
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    Re: 24 ~ *Possible Spoilers* This is it folks. Two hours tonight to finish up what has basically been a blah season for me. I hope they finish up with a bang. I'm hearing somebody is coming back from the dead. Hmm, now I wonder who it could be? I'm hoping Tony.
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    Criminal Minds

    Fantastic finale. I was on the edge of my seat the whole show. I can't believe the ending. I never thought the BAU would ever be in trouble.
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    National Bingo Night - ABC

    I've got my cards printed!
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    The Shield.

    So far it has met my expectations. I haven't seen the finale yet.
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    American Idol

    I'm shocked Melinda got voted off. Boy, Simon really looked mad.