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    "In a Dark, Dark House" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    01) Several folks have mentioned Brass and his past. He turned in his fellow officers who were taking bribes and were corrupt. The worst for him was his own partner was having an affair with his wife and was actually Ellie's father. 02) I kept thinking right up till they showed the scene's...
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    Grade 'Exit Strategy'

    I've sort of lost touch with this series ever since they moved it from Wednesday to Friday night. I made a point to watch it tonight and I'm glad I did. It was moving; well written and well acted. It's been the best of the CSI franchise ever since the idiots that run LV decided to make the 'twu...
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    CSI: NY--'Green Piece'

    There were a lot of things I liked about this episode. The obvious disgust in Don's voice when the Neo-Nazi asked if the girl was white or black and he replied, "She's dead." The obvious disgust in Stella's voice and on her face when she was interrogating the father. The facts about the...
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    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Kill Me If You Can'

    OH, I'm a minority of one. I detested this episode. It was boring, confusing and totally dull. The cat, dog and tortoise were the most interesting aspects of the whole miserable hour. Why was a CSI 1 AND a lab tech on a murder case? Instead of letting Fishburne move into the team slowly...
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    "One To Go" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    I lost all respect for Grissom in season 5's Weeping Willows when he turned from an open minded leader into a judgemental, prissy wimp. I lost all respect for the writers when Season 6 opened with an episode that was so bad I turned it off about 3/4s of the way through. "Grave Danger" was a...
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    The Fort for Nick/Greg slash fans #20

    I found this larger image of the cast photo at this address It looks very much as though Greg is grasping Nick's shirt. If you look at Nick's neck, you can see where the neckband is gaping as though something is...
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    The Fort for Nick/Greg slash fans #20

    Hello all; I can't believe this is my first post on this site since I've been writing Nick/Greg for almost two years now. I've enjoyed catching up on the threads on this site and I'm really impressed that this is Nbr 20. I think the reason this pair has caused so much discussion is because of...