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    Photos #6 - Lights, Camera, 'Snap'!

    Me and Stormy
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    Mac #7--Once a Marine, Always a Marine

    Yay for the new Mac thread! And I'm loving the title:thumbsup:
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    Grade 'Pay Up'

    As of right now I am pretty pleased with how the epi. is so far!! Thumbs up for me for now:thumbsup:
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    Poll: **Spoiler alert** if you haven't seen "Grounds for Deception"...

    Re: Poll: **Spoiler alert** if you haven't seen "Grounds for Deception St. Basil's is actually a real place about 5 minutes from my house;) It is for children in need and I know some girls who were taught there and then came to our high school.
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    Grade 'Greater Good'

    I found the episode kind of boring and found myself on the computer half the time. Lindsay and the whole baby thing was cheesy. I did think it was cute that Mac was picked as the godfather. I gave the episode a B.
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    Mac #6: Unbuttoned...

    *jumps in line to hug and console Mac*;)
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    Grade 'Yahrzeit'

    IMO, one of the best episodes of season! It was very touching and almost had me in tears.
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    One Word

    Mac: Intense Stella: Determined Danny: Spontaneous Flack: Witty Lindsay: Dull Adam: Funny Hawkes: Studious Sid: quirky Angell: Follower
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    Happy Birthday Top41!

    Happy Birthday!!!!:)
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    Photos #6 - Lights, Camera, 'Snap'!

    I'm allergic to horses and that doesn't stop me!! I've been riding for almost 6 years, I'm hoping I'll become immune to them one day! Me and Cosmo...
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    Big Season Finale Spoiler *MAJOR SPOILER*

    No new episode on tonight. Next week will be a new one though!
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    Eddie Cahill #5: Charismatic Brilliance

    Totally loving the pic:drool: Thanks for sharing!!:)
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    Mac #6: Unbuttoned...

    I'm loving those pictures:drool::drool::drool: Mac looks scared of the horse though in some of the pictures:lol:
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    Locker Room #18: Danny/Carmine: Welcome to the Insane Asylum!

    They look very similar! I actually saw the movie he just did called Last House on the Left. And as soon as I saw him, I was like "I didn't know Carmine did another movie". But then I realized it wasn't him!
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    Grade 'Point of No Return'

    The Greek storyline bores me also. I just don't find it that interesting at all! And IMO, Stella is going way out of line with everything that she is doing and she is putting other people in danger. I found myself losing interest during the last episode when they showed the parts with Stella and...