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    Episode 9x21 - 'G.O.' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    That is actually how the episode ends!:eek: Well from what I was watching, it was a pretty good episode. Tired of the typical rich, club scene, but entertaining nonetheless.
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    Adam/Eric #9 - 'The Perfect Diversion'

    Adam es muy guapo.
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    Eva/Natalia #3: More of the Beautiful Compassionate Bionic Woman!

    Hope she had a wonderful day.
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    **Season Nine Spoiler Lab** - Take Two

    Hmmm Adam's episode sounds pretty promising.
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    Episode 9x09 - 'Blood Sugar' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    The one thing I really like about this episode was that it was about hard-working immigrants, not rich Star Island people. More episodes like this, please.
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    **Season Nine Spoiler Lab** - Take Two

    When was the last time they filmed in Miami?
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    Episode 9x05 - 'Sleepless in Miami' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    The guy's eyes (or lack thereof) in Natalia's dream bugged me. Really weird!
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    Emily/Calleigh #13 - SuperCalleighfragilisticexpeEmilicious!

    Hope she has a wonderful b-day.
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    It should have been Eric

    Yeah I remember going to the spoiler thread and everyone hated him. Now everyone loves him?:eek: Maybe I'm the minority here, but I think Jesse and Eric should both stay on. I don't think they should have killed Jesse. That was a little too much imo.
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    Emily/Calleigh #13 - SuperCalleighfragilisticexpeEmilicious!

    I love her living room!
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    Season 9 Ratings Thread

    I think I could. The problem is getting the accurate science into the episode. I'm not expecting Miami to get very high ratings this year. I also felt that the premier wasn't going to be as much viewed as before.
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    **Season Nine Spoiler Lab**

    We've never even seen Adam's work as a writer/director, so how can you know what he is capable of?
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    Episode 9x01 - "Fallen" ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    I was pretty much glued to this episode much to my surprise. The ending was cheesy but still cute.
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    **Season Nine Spoiler Lab**

    This sounds pretty good.
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    **Season Nine Spoiler Lab**

    I'll take Gaga over Bieber any day.