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    "One To Go" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    That is an interesting remark you make. I think we all see Grissom in different ways. I see Grissom as a man who developed himself during several years; I actually found it interesting to see him change during all these years. I haven't seen the whole epi yet, just some clips but from what I...
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    Season 9 *Spoiler Lab* Discussions P3

    I haven't been posting for a long time but I have read occasionally some topics here and I can't keep quiet anymore ;) : why always the need to say you don't like GSR? We get the point. I'm not only referring to you but too many others here. Facts are, some of you love GSR, others don't like it...
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    William/Grissom Perfect 10 Picture thread!

    I think Desertwind is right :) Edit: when you search on the internet, it says: "At the lab, Sara and Nick ask Grissom if he wants to join them for breakfast; he tells them that he's going to eat with his beetle, saying that it solved the case."
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    George/Nick: Syndrome Ward Pics#28

    Smirk 1 and 2 are cute :D
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    Season 9 *Spoiler Lab* Discussions P2

    We've got three more episodes of season 8 coming up in Holland so by the time I've seen them, the premiere in the US, can't wait, I'm so excited :D All the spoilers till now sound exciting :thumbsup:
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    Jorja/Sara Pic Thread #6: A Beautiful Soul

    I sooooooo loved that scene between Grissom and Sara that when I thought about a username for this forum, I thought, what the heck, go for Gravity :D She looks so cute in that scene :D
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    Parties and Presents! The Birthday Thread #5

    Happy B-Day to all of you, hope you have a wonderful day :)
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    The Warm Welcome Thread

    Thanks for the warm welcome :) @Fruitbat: everytime I see my icon / avatar myself, a smile comes to my face :D
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    Locker Room #18: Danny/Carmine: Welcome to the Insane Asylum!

    @Poppet: I so love your avatar :D The man looks so good :D
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    You Know You Watch Too Much CSINY When... are excited and all ready to go this last Wednesday to watch another CSI NY epi when all of a sudden it hits you: there are no more CSI NY episodes being broadcast in The Netherlands. No message saying, we will be airing episodes again in xxx Nothing at all, just all of a sudden no more...
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    The Warm Welcome Thread

    Hi to all of you :) Have been a member of this forum for over two months now and love watching CSI, esp LV and NY...have only been posting in the LV bit because I simply couldn't find the time to post and read all that is written on this part of the forum ;) But having said that, I'll try to...
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    The Last Ten Songs You Listened To #5

    1 Justin Timberlake - Lovestoned 2 U2 - All I Want Is You 3 John Mayer - Slow Dancing In A Burning Room 4 System Of A Down - Hypnotize 5 Racoon - Love You More 6 U2 - I Will Follow 7 Coldplay - Yellow 8 Simple Minds - Don't You Forget About Me 9 Green Day - She's A Rebel 10 Dusty Springfield -...
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    Jorja/Sara Pic Thread #6: A Beautiful Soul

    Nice pics all :thumbsup: @KC, you can be the turkey, we will be the chickens ;)
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    Season 9 *Spoiler Lab* Discussions

    The sentence that got me :eek: was: "''He's (=Grissom) solving crimes, he's trying to deal with losing Sara and Warrick." So it's bye bye Grissom Sara? That would be a pity. * can't wait for the season's premiere* :D
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    Season 9 *Spoiler Lab* Discussions

    *is really looking forward to seeing more Eric this season* :D