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    Emily/Calleigh #13 - SuperCalleighfragilisticexpeEmilicious!

    That would be really cool GregNickRyanFan! I'd love to see some seriously good teamwork to take her down if she's a spy or something. Nat and Cal work well together and have double teamed in the past.
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    Emily/Calleigh #13 - SuperCalleighfragilisticexpeEmilicious!

    Okay, I find part of that article completely stupid because it deviates even more from the character that had so firmly been established. If they're going to take away all the cntrolled danger that was the hutzpah from the Calleigh Duquesne that the writers have established, to make her all...
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    Emily/Calleigh #13 - SuperCalleighfragilisticexpeEmilicious!

    Hi! IMHO they are still not giving the character of Calleigh the amount of screen time that her Leading Lady/second billing deserves. While I adore the romance between Eric and Calleigh, I really miss all the scenes (that are going to Eva LaRue) that should be Calleigh scenes. I have a gut...
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    ** Season 10 Spoiler Lab - Take Two **

    I'm new to the forum, but the isnow the third season that has been ho-hum for me. I'm bored. I don't care for Horatio and am more interested in thenothers in the lab, yet my fave character is still left out. I'm bored and looking to dump the series as a whole since my fave character looks like...