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    CSI: Cyber cancelled

    Not really surprised to hear CSI:Cyber's been cancelled. Given the age of the franchise, it was probably a financial nightmare to continue to produce when it's so much cheaper to produce new shows (and cancel them within three episodes :p ). Besides, they're stupidly shelling all of their hopes...
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    CSI:Miami Actors: What Are They Up To?

    And another year goes by! I thought it would be a good time to update everyone on the projects that some of our favourite CSI:Miami actors have been up to lately according to IMDB. David Caruso It seems he hasn't had any acting projects since CSI:Miami ended. Emily Procter After a recurring...
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    Finding An Instrumental Piece

    I'd definitely think it was composed by the show's music team rather than it being from any third-party source. I think they started doing that in the later seasons for many episodes, and if you're speaking of the instrumental I think you are (and I could be wrong; I haven't watched the show...
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    CSI: Cyber

    Especially when they tend to get cancelled before they can find their footing. I'm hoping Cyber does get a chance to revive the franchise and gain some new (and existing) fans, even if my own interest is lacklustre for the moment. I have to admit, I haven't really looked into the cast since...
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    CSI: Cyber

    Wow, I didn't even realize they had changed time-slots already. :lol: Thanks for letting us know! That said, I voted that I probably won't watch but I might change my mind. I suppose a more accurate response would be that I'll probably give it a shot and watch the premiere if I remember it's...
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    CSI:Miami Actors: What Are They Up To?

    Miami is probably the only substantial show these actors will have throughout their entire careers, so I'm not surprised that they haven't done much. I don't think they're complaining, though. :lol:
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    Thoughts on the New CSI Spinoff?

    Paramount has been the distribution/production company for Star Trek for 25+ years and I'm sure they certainly don't own all of the rights to Trek (if I recall correctly, the dispute partially had something to do with CBS having rights to the JJ-verse and Paramount over the older stuff or vice...
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    Thoughts on the New CSI Spinoff?

    This was my first thought when I heard the news. It could probably have been a separate project spear-headed by Zuiker and Co., but they're using the CSI franchise as a diving board instead of pitching it based upon its own merits. That being said, it seems like an interesting enough premise...
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    CSINY: Where Are They Now?

    AJ Buckley should also be appearing on an episode of Supernatural again this year as part of the Ghostfacers team.
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    I think three at the same time was probably the right decision instead of putting out more. CBS was (is) saturated enough with crime dramas and adding a fourth CSI to the mix would have been overkill. It didn't work when Law and Order tried Trial by Jury and LA, so I doubt CSI would have seen a...
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    Shankar And Goldfinger Join FOX'S 'Almost Human'

    I'm actually the most excited about this show than some of the others I've heard about. It's about time some more science-fiction shows made it onto major networks. Should be interesting.
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    The CW 2013-2014 Schedule

    I figured since the other larger networks have threads for their new fall lineup, the CW should be included as well as it includes some date changes and new shows which are indicated in caps. CW Fall Lineup Promo Video Monday Hart of Dixie Beauty and the Beast Tuesday THE ORIGINALS...
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    Do You Still Watch?

    We haven't had a new thread in a while and given all this time since the show was cancelled, I was wondering if fans still watch on a regular basis--or at all. Feel free to weigh in! *** To be honest, I haven't been watching at all. No re-runs, no DVDs, and if I happen across an episode on...
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    The RANT And I Can't Say This Aloud #4

    Dear library: You claim to have just renovated, yet it looks the same as it did 15 years ago when I was last there. Also, your selection of books hasn't changed in the last 15 years either. You're disorganized, under-funded and it shows. A city of 60,000+ people can't have a decent public...
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    Episodes airing on AMC!!!

    Finally, some good ones. :p Thanks for the heads-up about these!