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    How Old Are Most CSI LV Fans?

    I am 19 and I have been watching CSI since I was 13. I was totally hooked! I'm watching CSI and CSI: NY. Watched Miami till halfway the 4th season, but then I wondered why even bothered tuning in. I'm studying Theatre, Film & TV-sciences here in Utrecht, The Netherlands. I had the privilege to...
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    Season 9 *Spoiler Lab* Discussions P2

    Hey Micha, You didn't think I'd also visit this forum right?;) But yeah, that's exactly what I saw. Though I wasn't sure if it was Richard J. Lewis, I thought it might be him. And I didn't copy those lines exactly, but it is what they said. Grissoms leave is already announced in episode 9.09.
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    Season 9 *Spoiler Lab* Discussions P2

    I've been to the sets 2 weeks ago and they just started 9.09 back then.
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    Don't Try This At Home

    Anyone know which episode he could have been watching?
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    Season 8 *Spoiler Lab* Discussion - Part 1

    Re: Season 8 *Spoiler Lab* Discussion & Posting - Part 1 But Catherine might be happy with heading over to Swing, cause she might like to be a supervisor again. I didn't mind the team breaking up in Season 5, it made the show fresh at the time. Don't know if it's very necessary now, though.
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    lease favourite season

    I'm kind of surprised that I am one of the few people who disliked season 4 so much. The shows just felt off, the cases got boring and almost nothing interesting happened with the characters. It was mostly Catherine and Sara drama, and not the good kind. The first half had some good episodes...
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    Things Are Not What They Seem In 'Bang, Bang, Your Debt!'

    Oh my God....just when you think things couldn't get more absurd.. :D
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    Your top 5 favorite shows!!!

    1: CSI & CSI: NY 2: Heroes 3: Lost 4: The Office 5: Will & Grace
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    Forlani: I'm A Very Visceral, Emotional Person

    She talks an awful lot in the past tense...It makes me wonder if she's going to be back. I sure hope she will.
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    Season 8 Wishlist

    Re: Season 8 Wishlist -The same amount of GSR. Season 7 didn't have a lot of GSR scenes, but it was enough to satisfy both the pro and the anti GSR's. -KEEP SARA ALIVE! -Give Warrick a real storyline. THe marriage thing was nothing. -Some continuation on the Catherine/Warrick pairing. -More B...
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    Cath & Warrick #8 YoBling: Eye-Sex Pioneers

    Re: Cath & Warrick #8 YoBling: Eye-Sex™ Pioneers Did anyone notice that in the scene where Warrick talked about Tina last night, the camera kept zooming on his hands?! And there wasn't a ring. Well, maybe he is not allowed to wear one when he's working in the lab, but was like the...
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    Jorja Fox Involved In New Salary Dispute

    Yeah, this all doesn't seem credible to me. Jorja is always very enthousiastic about the show and never seemt to care that much about money (she still says her being fired 3 years ago had nothing to do with it). I always feel like she has so much passion for Sara, it's a shame these rumours end...
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    What is your favorite CSI character?

    CSI: Sara Sidle Miami: Calleigh Duquesne NY: Mac Taylor All time favourite: SARA! :D
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    Cath & Warrick #8 YoBling: Eye-Sex Pioneers

    Re: Cath & Warrick #8 YoBling: Eye-Sex™ Pioneers I'm also dissapointed that there has been no Yo Bling at all, but I do still believe that TPTB will continue with the storyline once, they've fore-shadowed too much for that, also in the press...I'm just afraid it's gonna be next season. Or...