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    Season #9 Spoiler Discussion

    heh, thanks :cool: Heya, you :beer: ...I should clarify: "a growing ambivalence - amid a life going wahoonie shaped for nuttiness." There are things on my DVR that I've STILL not had time to watch :lol:. So much for catching up this summer. That said, there's more than a grain of truth...
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    Season #9 Spoiler Discussion

    OK. Wow. Been awhile. a) yay, the site is still up. Last I was here there was some doubt what course it would take to make that happen. Thanks, kudos, and congrats. b) yay, my account is still active. Or I guess it is now. Mebbe I'm one who just bumped up the site's "Active Users" number...
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    Worst New York Season

    ...tricky! :lol: :p. I became more of an intermittent viewer post S4. But I voted S5 & S6 as the seaons that really had me exasperated more than engaged after having traded my time for the show :lol:. Other seasons have certainly had eps that have had me irked and wanting to throw things...
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    Best New York Season

    Hands down, Season 1. Easy peasy, no question :p. That said, there are episodes in other seasons I quite enjoyed, but as a body of work, I'd say S1, or at least my memory of it. If I went back and watched it again, who knows how well the show would travel. S1 got me into the show, a second...
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    Grade 'Get Me Out Of Here!'

    Sooooo. What do I remember of this one now. :p. I thought it was one of NY's better eps of the season, and it sorta feels it's about time we got one that didn't somehow disappoint. The case was alright. About average as far as NY goes. Covered wide ground, was fun, and a decent ep for a...
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    Season 8 Spoiler Discussion - There's Nothing You Can't Do In New York

    Re: Season 8 Spoiler Discussion - There's Nothing You Can't Do In New ...right, this is precisely the enticing sort of promo that will have me so anticipating the show that I'll be trying to tear the hands off a clock to speed the time... :rommie: "...right now, I'm aiming at your head...
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    Interview: Jeff Hunt

    A fun & interesting read :). Thanks.
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    Sinise Answers Fan Questions

    Fun clip. Best question: "If if aliens landed on earth and it was up to you to show them around, how would you spend your day?" Dunno who submitted that wee query (nor who then sanctioned it for the shortlist), but hands down they are my heroes for the day :p:lol:
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    Grade 'Officer Involved'

    It's a fair question, but my response doesn't change much. I don't like Lindsay, but that's rather beside the point. I didn't like the episode, nor Lindsay and Danny as devices in service of the story NY decided to tell - which I also didn't like. The first scene was just the first symptom...
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    Grade 'Officer Involved'

    ...guess they couldn't find a way to write it off... :lol: :alienblush::lol: ...erm. Guess I could rephrase that? :p. Ahem: I felt I was being Captain Obvious in so stating, especially as we were essentially in agreement? (...I think that's quite possibly the first time I've ever managed...
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    Grade 'Officer Involved'

    I loathed this episode. I liked this episode. Sorta. Last week was apathetic, this week had me back to wanting to throw things at my teevee, which hasn't happened in quite awhile for NY. It f*cking kills me to give this one a grade as high as last week. Which is a B-. It was a tighter...
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    Season 8 Spoiler Discussion - There's Nothing You Can't Do In New York

    Re: Season 8 Spoiler Discussion - There's Nothing You Can't Do In New Teh usual thanks for pics & tidbits yas all. Thanks for this. I think :p. Scoops & presentations of them such as this I just find irksome. - is it that so many of Danny's storylines seem to actually turn out...
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    Sela/Jo Thread #1 "I'm Jo Danville. I didn't do it."

    Thanks for the articles & photos. It's nice to read interviews with Sela and get her take on things; I don't know much of her, but she seems really comfortable in herself, a really genuine, grounded, but also really fun person :). As for the photos, nice to know what the shoot was for...
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    Grade 'Cavallino Rampante'

    Another lite week for me. Graded 'B-' realm. That seems to remain the "average" standard. Which is still also a step up from the low C's of season 5 & 6 etc. Meh. Given the turnaround and potential unearthed and nudged at in S7, I've been quietly hoping for more of the same or better. Not...
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    Grade 'Keep It Real'

    :lol:. Great catch, no I'd not spotted that. I love all the sticky tabs. "Rupe Rocks," "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" (so very Jo, methinks), "Hi Melanie," "buy more shakes, eat less bran," "Pick up body suit for" someone, and yes, "call soon - need more goat gel!!" and "find out...