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    Grade 'Page Turner'

    I don't know why he's grabbing his ass but I think we have a good candidate for the naughty pic thread. ;) Danny's always popping up in there,lol. Guess that says something about him??!
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    Grade 'Page Turner'

    I agree! I think given Flack's tough guy exterior, he must also have some softer feelings somewhere. This does make sense. He and Sid now have a "bond" or a connection of sorts, that the other characters don't share with them. Perhaps this will lead us to more Flack/Sid scenes? I think the two...
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    Grade 'Page Turner'

    Hey I thought I throw something in for a little discussion. A few people were wondering why Flack went into Sid's room, considering that they seem to rarely meet up. What if it comes back to 'Charge Of This Post'? Flack has been close to death and surely spent some time in the hospital and all...
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    CSI: New York Promo 05x03 Turbulence

    Is it wrong that I think Flack sounds so hot when he says "Assume the position!"? Next week's episode looks pretty good, a little like the episode CSI did in first season (can't remeber the name). Hopefully I enjoy New York's airplane episode as much as I did CSI's.
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    Episode 7x02 - 'Won't Get Fueled Again' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    I thought it was pretty good. I like the new M.E. so far. And the exchange about the condom in the bathroom was funny. "It's in the women's room." I couldn't help but crack up and laugh though when H had the halo effect. It made me think of a siggie someone here had. "God, it's me, Horatio...
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    Episode #524 'Born To Kill' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    Was I the only one who felt this episode felt more like a "normal" episode and not a season finale? It's sort of a let down, espeically since they built it up. And that lady in the preview wasn't a CSI, like they made you think. And dangit, no plane crash! *is disappointed so goes back to...
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    Ryan/Jonathan #15 'One Kinky Party!'

    Just a heads-up for you Wolfe fans about the "Kill Switch" episode. He's going to have you nearly in tears by the end of it. So be prepared. *wipes her own eyes*
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    "Gary/Warrick Total Appreciation!!" Part 2

    okay thanks alot. Hmmm, so Warrick might be seperated?
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    "Gary/Warrick Total Appreciation!!" Part 2

    Hey did anyone catch what Warrick said about his wife in the latest episode "Leapin' Lizards"? If so, can you tell me, I missed it. :(
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    Stella/Hawkes #1 -The Greek Goddess & Her Brown Sugar

    Re: Stella and Hawkes If you don't mind spoilers (its not that spoilery) they have a really hot pic of Stella and Hawkes in the NY Pic thread on page 12. They are just a wee too close me thinks. *winks* *edited for link* pic is down near the bottom
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    May sorrow everlast - an Aiden-corner

    I wish we could too. I'm a DnA girl myself. But unfortunately we can't ressurect people. *sits down and mourns Aiden*
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    May sorrow everlast - an Aiden-corner

    I also liked Aiden from the beginning. She was tough and witty and basically could hold her own with the boys. You couldn't make her back down unless she wanted to.
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    Hill Harper/Sheldon Hawkes #2: He's Got Panties

    I think they are just csis, not cops. I think you have to go through the police academy to be a detective and those two are "civillian csi". That's what I've read at least when reading different forensic books and such. I'm sadly obessed, yes. Sign me up for csi addiction.
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    Mac/Stella #8: Smacked Smex....'nuff said'

    You know, that screencap makes it look more passionate then I remember in the episode. :eek: Hopefully Peyton doesn't walk in! but all jokes aside, I like the screencap too. :cool:
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    CSI Pyramid

    Warrick meets a girl in each one?