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    The Best Sara/Grissom Songs #2

    In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lions sleeps tonight. In the jungle, the quiet jungle, the lions sleeps tonight. Near the village, the peaceful village, the lions sleeps tonight. Near the village, the quiet village, the lions sleeps tonight. Hush my darling, don't fear my darling...
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    "One To Go" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    Ohai. Long time no see. Also, FieldMouse, digging your avatar. 1. GSR. Cheesy, yet also oddly believable and adorable GSR. And another kiss. win++; :thumbsup: :bolian: 2. Morpheus is the new CSI. O.O This is going to be awesome. He'll investigate the scene and find a red pill and a blue pill...
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    Grissom and Sara;#34 GSR...Back With A Passion

    Ohai. Don't know if anybody remembers me- used to come by here a lot back in the day- just thought I'd drop in. Just finished watching it, and I just have to say- OMFGOMFGWTFBBQSAUCEOMFGSCIENCEOMFGGSR. That was perfect. Totally bizarre, really corny, and also believable in a weird kind of way...
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    Grissom & Sara #32: With Every Beat of My Heart

    Re: Grissom & Sara #32: With Every Beat of My Heart Because Gary got busted with a whole hell of a lot of drugs. That's why. Yes, they even mess up our fantasy lives. In regards to Sara coming back, YES. She will be back. Not necessarily at the beginning of the season, but she will return...
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    William/Grissom : The Hotness of #12

    Hello from the distant past, naughty evil devil smiley. I missed you so. Shirtless Grissom! :devil: I see Adzix and Desertwind are still up to their usual icon-making, drool-inducing-thought tricks. Hello to the new faces, as well. The one thing that bothers me about the way Grissom dresses is...
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    "Gary/Warrick Total Appreciation!!" Part 2

    Re: "Gary/Warrick Total Appreciation!!" Part 2 Hey. None of you probably know me, but Crysthala is back to say... wow, hang on one moment. I seem to have forgotten my UBB code. The site has been shinified since I last visited here. Aha, I found the spoiler button (aww, how cute, it's a little...
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    Grissom & Sara #31 : Yes. Let's Do It.

    Aww, that's sweet. :) I was just looking for a place to DL the kiss scene, and I found it on YouTube, but I had to close it because I started crying all over again. :( Stupid contract. I'm going to go watch WTG to make myself feel better.
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    Grissom & Sara #31 : Yes. Let's Do It.

    Ooh, applause from me as well. Very good. Because I have some kind of psychological disorder where I must give my two cents on everything, I have suggestions of my own... "It was a goodbye kiss, but not goodbye forever" "Thou not farther than my thoughts canst move" (from Shakespeare's Sonnet...
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    Grissom & Sara #31 : Yes. Let's Do It.

    Okay, as a random note, does anybody know where I can get clips of CSI, especially GSR? As in, a lot of GSR? Because I have a song I want to make a music vid out of, and it's almost nine minutes long. O.o Well, when you put it like that, DLR, what can I do but agree? :lol:
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    Grissom & Sara #31 : Yes. Let's Do It.

    I think TPTB are afraid of frightening us off with constant Sara mentions (by "us," I mean fans in general) and that's why they didn't mention her. But we all know she is on Grissom's mind all the time. :rolleyes: dirtylabrat and Axatullux, you're very poetic. :) Personally, I can't see Sara...
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    Grissom & Sara #31 : Yes. Let's Do It.

    Regarding Grissom's... shall we say, impatience? Sara must have had a very calming effect on him, and now her absence is making him worse. I bet in the next new episode we get (which I may have to write myself, the way things are going now) he's going to be all emo instead of angry. He was just...
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    Grissom & Sara #31 : Yes. Let's Do It.

    To those who say GSR is unscientific, I say THIS! I think that whole thing in Nesting Dolls was done on purpose, specifically to make Catherine look like an idiot and so that they won't have to make Ecklie conveniently stick...
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    Grissom & Sara #31 : Yes. Let's Do It.

    Eugh, Ecklie. I believe Gris and Sara should just start making out right in front of him. He can't be in the shot or anything, of course, because we'd have to edit him out later. As a matter of fact, Grissom and Sara should just start making out every time they bump into each other. RE the...
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    Grissom & Sara #31 : Yes. Let's Do It.

    That's a nice pic... I already have it. :p Do you know who draws those? Whoever they are, they're amazing. And TPTB needs to make that particular situation visibly, onscreen canon :rolleyes:
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    Grissom & Sara #31 : Yes. Let's Do It.

    It's nothing personal, I just don't like his personality. He is pretty cute though. :) And I am well aware that Nick won't take Sara from Gris, nobody can do that. That's not what I don't like. Nick does have his moments. I just don't like him. I'm glad I won't upset you, and I apologize for...