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    CSI: NY fan fic

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    Tassler: It Was A Tough Choice

    Made in Jersey won't finish the season.
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    Tassler: It Was A Tough Choice

    Thanks Mulder42. Human Target obviously didn't resonate with the masses up here. I tend to agree with you, don't think it'll finish the season.
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    Tassler: It Was A Tough Choice

    Made in Jersey stars Janet Montgomery, a British actress---imagine now she can sound like she's from Jersey. We saw her up here in Canada in a series called, Human Target...not too impressive. She also had an appearance on the BBC show - Merlin.
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    For those who watch CBS

    No promos for CSI NY in my neck of the woods......Southern Ontario, Canada. Noticed that all the promos were for the renewed CBS shows. TPTB didn't promo any of CSI NY episodes after their return in late March.
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    Mac/Christine #1

    Christine's last name is Whitney.
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    Save One Show Voting

    Thanks for the website. Would not have known if not for you. Have voted.....GO CSI NY.
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    Season 8 Spoiler Discussion #2 - Spoiler Scene: Do Not Cross

    There are 3 new episodes left. April 27, May 4 and the finale May 11.
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    Season 8 Spoiler Discussion #2 - Spoiler Scene: Do Not Cross

    Agree with you totally. The character Christine has added nothing and she's only to be around for 2 more episodes, that is if she was only to be in a 5 episode arc. Love all the CSI's and want all of them to be back for 2012/2013. CSI seems to be having some good storylines of late and only...
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    Grade 'Flash Pop'

    My heart is breaking. This episode was soooooooo bad. I believe the rest of the season is "in the can", but hoping that they're the CSI NY I love. It was like watching a cast sitting down to an initial reading. Where were the forensic skills, like previously mentioned the tech wore no...
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    Gary Sinise on TV tomorrow!!

    Just saw the posting about GS and the Talk. Have set my PVR. I'm from Canada and agree Mac&Adam fan, not one trailer or ad on our Canadian stations that carry CSI NY that its back.
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    Eddie Cahill #6: Man of Our Dreams

    Love Eddie Cahill. I remember seeing him in Sex and the City. He's my fav. on CSI NY. Wish there were more story lines that would include more Mac and Flack. I think that a lot of people are very private..I've noticed that not much is written in magazines about CSI NY and NCIS...
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    NCIS: Los Angeles

    Hey NCIS LA fans....I loved the last few episodes. It was fun to know some of Kensi's life. I love Daniella and Hetty. Linda Hunt is such a strong character and without her the show would lose some of it's dynamics. My husband and I get a kick out of her kicking butt most weeks. I hope...
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    Season 8 Spoiler Discussion #2 - Spoiler Scene: Do Not Cross

    So glad CSI NY is going to be back on Mar. 30. Signed the petition for a season 9, but a little afraid. Though the last two seasons, for me have been grim I still love NY as the best of the 3 CSI's. I only wish the writers hadn't gotten lazy and depended on the past for storylines and...
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    Best New York Season

    Overall love season 5 and 3. Many great individual episodes, Snow Day, Yahzreit, Death House, Point of View. Sorry, but season 7 and 8 just isn't making the grade. Have season 1 - 6, great work by a great cast.