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    Big Season Finale Spoiler *MAJOR SPOILER*

    I so agree with you on the missed opportunity! I've avoided posting on this subject because I so very very very much wanted it to be Lindsey for this very reason. AB has been pregnant for 2 of the last 3 seasons (I consider season 5 over at this point). Each pregnancy has forced the creative...
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    Grade 'Point of No Return'

    I'm at work and just have a second to post. But I just have to ask.... Why does Danny's wedding ring look like a pipe fitting from the hardware store? Did they just scrounge through some plumbers toolbox?
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    Grade 'The Party's Over'

    LOL In the next episode, we'll discover that Danny Messer isnt really Danny Messer. It is revealed that he was born Tex Hutchinson, in the Bitter Root Mountains of Montana. The only son of a wealthy cattle baron, at a tender young age he was kidnapped by gypsies. dah dah dah The dastardly...
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    Grade 'The Party's Over'

    I adore Craig T. Nelson when he's being a smarmy bad guy. He just does it so very well! He always manages to exude an aura of enjoying himself immensely! He makes it fun for us to watch him being bad. :devil:
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    CSI:NY Season 5 Spoiler Discussion - This City Never Sleeps

    I just checked out the photos for 517. Is Lindsey holding a bouquet of white lilies? I swear it looks like it. Lilies, not just for funerals any more :guffaw::guffaw:
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    Grade 'The Party's Over'

    I so agree that the merging of Danny and Carmine is getting out of control. The profession is called "acting". We know Carmine can do it. We've seen him! I can't escape the conclusion that the D/L baby crap has been so mishandled that TPTB felt that they had to "pay off" Carmine in some way...
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    Grade 'The Party's Over'

    My overall reaction was WTF? :wtf: With a single sentence they've rewritten Danny's entire backstory. Sloppy work from start to finish. Sloppy writing when you can't remember the history you've developed for a character. Sloppy Directing when you let such an eye popping zinger past you. And...
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    Locker Room #18: Danny/Carmine: Welcome to the Insane Asylum!

    Wow! It's been ages since I've been in this thread. Anyhow, I have to agree with this. Since the baby bomb story began he seems so very deflated. Flat. Like the life has been sucked out of him. So sad. At the beginning of the season I had hopes that he was going to make a bit of a...
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    Why Lindsay Must Go (Part 3)

    The vibe I've been getting the last few episodes is that both the writers and AB have just given up on the character altogether. This last episode, her performance was just so flat. More so than usual. Even the scenes with the widow, it seemed she could barely drum up the energy for the...
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    Is there too much romance in CSI: NY?

    A perfect example...3 women in one and a half seasons to lure Mac into a relationship. None of them stuck, but TPTB just had to throw them in to play "will they or won't they". Why can't they just have strong women characters without having the compulsion to pair them up as if they are...
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    Who is your favorite character on CSI:NY?

    I came to CSI:NY for Gary Sinise and stayed for Eddie Cahill. Flack is the only reason I'm still watching the show, although I do enjoy Hawkes, Adam and Sid a great deal. Long, long ago, I found Danny an interesting character. However, the endless D/L crap has really made him a non-entity...
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    CSI: NY Season 5 Spoiler Discussion - Back in the Big Apple

    Re: CSI: NY Season 5 Spoiler Dicussion - Back in the Big Apple Last week she dumped all of her work onto Adam so she could nip down for some munchies. I found it super annoying when Adam had to explain to her everything that he had done and what it meant. Seriously, last week an enormous...
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    Is there too much romance in CSI: NY?

    I vote with you! For some strange reason, the writers have confused the concept of "personal life" with "shagging all of your co-workers". It's getting ridiculous. I'm definitely in the camp that begs for glimpses of a personal life that does not involve another main cast member. There are...
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    Grade 'The Box'

    I've had several days to think about this now, and I have to say that my initial impression hasn't changed. This episode was bizarre from start to finish. First, TPTB decide to drop the baby bomb during a case about a murdered teenage girl who was kicked out by her parents who were more...
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    Grade 'My Name is Mac Taylor'

    Ahhh, the ever popular "Drink Bob" game. I remember it well! Not to mention the hangovers which often went with it. You and I must date to the same layer of the archeological record. In fond memory, I'll think I'll play a round of Drink Mac with this epi. Anyone care to join me? :devil: No a...